Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Emperor's Concubine: Part III-FINAL

The Emperor motioned to The Chanter, who came over and tilted his head to hear the Emperor’s whispers.  The Chanter nodded his understanding.  “Round five.”

There were a few muted gasps in the room and even The Persecutor lost decorum for a moment to glace up at The Emperor.  His wish was to completely bypass  rounds three and four then?  Unusual…

The Persecutor pulled Kim roughly away from the bench as it silently slid back into the floor.  It was quickly replaced with a St. Andrews Cross that came down smoothly from above.  The Emperor began rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

Kim didn’t know what to expect. The Persecutor waved his hand over a sensor and the gravity turned off on the floor of the pit.  Kim floated up a few feet and spun her arms and pedaled her legs for a moment until her limbs caught up with her brain. She floated there for a moment as she watched her tormentor put on a special pair of boots that he clamped shut over his feet.  He trudged into the pit, staying anchored to the ground. He reached out and grabbed her waist, pulling her to him.  He kissed her on the nape of the neck, sucking her skin and then licked her cheek.  She was disgusted.  He spun her around midair and grabbed her around the waist and began to spank her.  She tried to push away, but with nothing to leverage herself against she was almost powerless.  His strong arm slapped her bare bottom again and again, making loud smacking sounds in the chamber.

This went on for minutes, variation upon variation. At one point The Persecutor had Kim upside down as he spanked her, and he chose to spread her legs and bury his face between them for a moment to “kiss” her there as well.  She squirmed but knew not to scream or fight too much.  From the corner of her eye she could see The Emperor stand and walk to the edge of the pit to gain a closer look.  The Persecutor fingered Kim and The Emperor nodded approvingly.

The Persecutor moved jerkily in his boots to the implement box and pulled out a long fuck stick—a pole with a phallus on the end—and spun it in the air like a martial artist with a bo staff.

The Emperor leaned closer.  “Yessss….”

The Persecutor slid the tip of it into Kim and floated upside down in the pit.

Uncontrollably, a little moan escaped her lips.

Just then, The Persecutor moved the fuck stick in a flash, raising it in an arc through the air, sliding the phallus from its sheath to reveal a long, samurai-like blade hidden inside. In one simple, spinning move the blade hummed through the air and was behind The Persecutor’s back in a flash. He slammed his gloved fist down on the gravity sensor, the floor of the pit dropping away suddenly, and Kim and her torturer dropped from view like a hapless couple in a runaway elevator.

Everyone stood in shock at what happened, then someone screamed. The Emperor’s body fell to the ground next to the pit, his head rolling in the direction of The Chanter, leaving a weaving, smeared line of blood across the glowing amber floor.

The guards realized what had happened just as everyone else was.  Suddenly, there was chaos.  The guards ran to the edge of the pit, but it was do dark beneath and they knew the gear and equipment underneath were rigged with antigrav equipment that went down 30 meters or more.

* * *

By the time the guards sent word of the assassination of The Emperor moments later and the entry doors into the equipment room beneath the torture theatre blasted open, The Persecutor and Kim were long gone. Long-range sensors scanned in every direction and two pulse trace tails were found and investigated, but no craft and certainly no people were found.

Days later, computer audit of key card accesses discovered a pattern: Kav Dov, employed by the Castle as a Persecutor, had been seeing the Emperor’s concubine for months. Nothing else is known.


  1. Lovely ending.
    I rather enjoyed this series. :D

    I think your readers should get to pick the premise for your next story. ;)

  2. That'd be lovely. We tried that once before as you may recall, A'marie. But my musings don't nearly work as well when someone else is dictating what to write... ;-)

  3. I like this a lot, Craig. I'm still trying to figure out why she didn't choose game to begin with if they were in on it together. Feel like giving any hints? Also, what did they stand to gain by killing the emperor?

  4. Hrm.

    Well, you caught me.

    This was not the intended ending for the story. I just got bored with it (which I tend to do) and didn't really feel like continuing, so I just sorta wrapped it up to move on.

    The idea was, notionally, that she was going to "prove" she could take it to make a point to the Emperor, but that got all political and lengthy, narrative-wise, and I just wasn't into it.

    Really, I fell in love with the idea of the setting rather than with a scenario or story, which is a dumb place to start any writing, but that's what went down.


  5. It was a great setting, and I'm not so sure that's a terrible place to start. I have heard of authors that formed an entire book off a single mental picture that may or may not be integrally related to the story. I'm just impressed that you post installments when your ideas are not fully formed. I don't think I could be that brave. It kind of forces you to make things work since you've already put part of it out there.

  6. I'm a writer (not tooting my own horn, I swear) so "putting it out there" isn't that big a deal to me, I guess.