Monday, April 11, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon: Collaborative Fiction Part 4

This is the fourth installment of a work of collaborative fiction between Lizzie and myself. The third chapter can be found on her site here.  Enjoy!

After looking over the pamphlets, Kelsey and Alec went back to their stateroom to get ready for their first dinner aboard the Brittanic.  They dressed in their best dinner-out attire and took the inclinator up to Queen’s Deck.  It was beautiful, replete in actual wood paneling, huge crystal chandeliers and gilded paintings. The throwback to old classic seafaring vessels made the dining level on the ship a one-of-a-kind place. Very few places on Earth were built with such extraordinary and authentic detail.

Kelsey was wide-eyed, spinning around to look at the high ceilings with the painted frescoes on them, some of them authentic. “This is amazing!” she told Alec, pulling him to her as they went into the enormous dining room and finding their seats. Introductions were made all around. There was a couple from offworld, another from New York and third from China.

Waiters in formal attire appeared and presented to each of them an amuse-bouche, a delightful little savory treat from the chef.  As soon as they stepped away, Alec presented Kelsey with a thick white padded envelope with her name neatly handwritten on the front.  “What’s this?” she asked, suddenly excited.

“It’s for you. But you aren’t to open it here. Why don’t you eat your amuse-bouche and go to the restroom and open it?” Alec responded, popping his in his mouth.

Kelsey did as instructed, finishing her little taste and taking the envelope to the restroom, curiosity and a bit of fluttery butterflies in her belly.  She tore open the envelope and was startled as a set of nipple clips on a chain accidently fell from it to the marble floor. Fumbling for them before someone walked in the door, she stuffed them in her purse and pulled out a small note and read it: Kelsey--Put these on and return to the table. And take off your panties. –Alec.

The butterflies in Kelsey’s belly suddenly tripled. What was Alec thinkingShe was to put these on and go back to dinnerShe’d be squirming from the pain and just knowing they were on under her clothesAnd then no pantiesNo wonder Alec suggested a top that was somewhat loose on her.

She steeled herself away into a toilet stall and took off her top and bra, carefully attaching the nipple clamps until they were firmly in place and put the bra in her purse. She put her top back on and adjusted the chain and then the fabric to make sure the clamps couldn’t be seen.  There were some poky bits, but she thought the fabric camouflaged them enough. The pain was surprising but also alluring. She removed her panties and went out to the sink to look at herself in the mirror, dropping the envelope and note in the trash.

She walked back to the table, feeling as though everyone’s eyes were on her, even though she knew they likely weren’t.  She sat down next to Alec, wide-eyed, squeezing his hand. In a stage whisper she said to him, “What are you doing? Are you crazy?”
“Just getting ready for our first night as husband and wife. I thought you might enjoy a little…” and he lowered his voice even further, “…erotic humiliation.”

“Well, I…” She was about to say she didn’t, but then realized that wasn’t true in the least. She closed her mouth and folded her hands politely in her seat. The waiters returned and served soups to everyone and the group enjoyed casual conversation, getting to know one another while they ate. “And why no panties?” she asked.

“This is why,” Alec said, pulling up her dress underneath the long tablecloth and pinched her privates.


One of the other couples looked over to them at that. “Your first argument?” Everyone chuckled politely. Kelsey grew red.

“No. We’re just having fun.”

Dinner continued. Kelsey did begin to squirm from the clamps and from Alec’s probing fingers. Soon, dessert was done, complete with flaming baked Alaska. Stuffed, everyone said goodnight and headed on their way.

“You can go take those off now,” Alec said, gesturing toward Kelsey’s breasts.

“Oh, thank God!”

“And when you come back we can go get ready for the Masquerade Ball. I’ve arranged to meet some other people on board with our particular…interests.”


  1. This is really hot. I hate that that's the most eloquent thing I can say, but there you have it.

  2. Thanks, Melanie. I take is a compliment, regardless of what you think your lack of eloquence might be. ;-0