Monday, April 25, 2011

Brittanic Honeymoon: Collaborative Fiction Part 6

In this ongoing work of collaborative fiction being written consecutively by Lizzie and myself, Kelsey and Alec are on their honeymoon, taking an "off-world" cruise in a not-too-distant future. The two have made themselves at home in their incredible stateroom, enjoyed some OTK and then went to a dinner filled with erotic humiliation. Later, they dressed for the first night's Masquerade Ball festivities, Alec placing a rather erotic chastity belt on horny Kelsey, the two meeting up with other kinksters met on the social networking Wall. After a brief bit of discipline in the family bathroom, the two lovebirds are back to the Ball...

The main ballroom was awash in purple and green lighting, streamers hanging from the beautiful chandeliers and 3D projections covering the walls to create the illusion of Versaille.  The room was full of amazing people, each costumed in different and exciting ways. Kelsey and Alec walked into the room, dressed in their Victorian regalia. Alec walked in, cane in hand, feeling like a cross between Alex from A Clockwork Orange and the father from Mary Poppins. Kelsey looked amazing in her skirts, corset and beautifully arranged hair.

The two walked into the ballroom, eyeing the crowd and the outfits. “Over by a large portrait projected on the wall,” Alec said. “That’s where we’ll find the others.” Kelsey knew that meant the people Alec had discovered on the cruise who were “like minded” to them. She was excited to meet these other kinksters. Alec took Kelsey by the hand and soon they had woven their way through the room past Harlequin masks and beautiful people in powdered faces and powdered wigs and found an obviously large portrait.

There were a three or four couples standing around, sipping drinks, talking and laughing.  Alec walked up to the nearest couple he recognized from the profiles on The Wall and introduced themselves. “Hi. I’m Alec. We, uh, saw your profiles on The Wall. This is Kelsey.”

The couple was dressed in quasi-Mardi Gras costumes.  He had a facemask with an elephant trunk for a nose. Hers was decidedly…feminine. (Feminine in that it looked like she had a mask with a “nose” that more resembled a stylized vagina than anything else.) “I’m Ronald and this is Helena,” the elephant man said. “We’re from offworld.” Ronald and Helena introduced Kelsey and Alec to the others.

“Any of you know each other before the cruise?” Alec asked.

“We played with Ronald and Helena,” a Brit said. “Zero-g stuff. Very edgy.” The four laughed, Helena a bit nervously.

Kelsey leaned in to Alec and whispered in his ear. “Zero-g? Hot!”

“Was there an excursion pamphlet for that?” Alec teased.

The dancing began, Alec and Kelsey swept up into the crowd, the two doing a variation of slow dancing that was all the rage, incongruous to the setting and the costumes. Others followed suit. The dance floor was so full, Alec was able to reach around and spank Kelsey’s bottom as they moved with no one the wiser. It was hard with Kelsey’s hoop skirt but Alec found a way. “Mmmm,” Kelsey purred with each spank. Alec realized she was gyrating her hips as she moved—and it wasn’t a part of the dance.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Alec said.

“What, love?” Kelsey responded, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

“The idea of the belt was to hold you in, not release you, slut.”

“Oh, um…” Kelsey stopped gyrating and focused on the dance.

Alec pressed his crotch against her chastity belt and the inserts, knowing the pressure would press against her bits. “You’re not trying to get off just by dancing now, are you?”

“Um…well…” Kelsey stammered.

“I thought so,” Alec said, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her unceremoniously off the dance floor and out of the boisterous ballroom.

Out in the lobby, Alec led her brusquely to one of the “family bathrooms” between the men’s and women’s. There, he locked the door and pressed her up against the wall of the shiny white and gold washroom. He kissed her hard on the lips, then motioned for her to grab the railing next to the toilet. Kelsey did as instructed and Alec roughly yanked up her hoop skirt and finery, exposing the chastity belt. Without a word he spanked the back of the belt, hard and surprisingly rough. This caught Kelsey quite by surprise, to say the least.

“Perhaps you’re enjoying yourself too much!” Alec barked, slapping the belt again and again, causing the plugs to push up against and into her. Kelsey couldn’t help but to moan and present herself to him. “You are such the little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes…” Kelsey barely breathed. “Please, Alec. Don’t tease...”

“Me? Tease? Who’s gyrating on the dance floor like a dog in heat!” Alec smacked each exposed cheek hard, open-palmed. The slaps were loud cracks that reverberated in the tiled room. The rosy aura of his handprint began to bloom on each alabaster cheek.


Alec pushed his knee into her crotch then, pressing the dildos deep into her. Kelsey let out a guttural moan. “You like this? Instead of dancing with me at the Masquerade Ball? Instead of socializing with our new friends? You’d rather be in the bathroom having me play with you?”


Alec pressed his knee against her again, pushing, his hands around her on her hipbones, pulling her into his leg.

“I want to cum, Alec,” Kelsey purred.

“No! Not yet!” Alec released the pressure and spun her around, slapping her across the cheek in the way they both knew would be surprising, yet not damaging emotionally or physically. It was part of their play. Kelsey stared at him wide-eyed. “Get control of yourself, straighten out your costume and meet me back in the ballroom. It’s time for our friends’ little masquerade-within-the-masquerade party and I’m curious to see what that’s all about before we go back to our room to ‘consummate’ our marriage.”

Alec turned on his heels, unlocked the door to the washroom and was gone, leaving Kelsey frustrated, blushing and incredibly horny.


  1. Nothing like a bit of story to get my heart racing before bed. Now how am I supposed to get to sleep?

  2. Well, I understand doctors recommend masturbation to people with chronic insomnia before recommending medication, Melanie.


  3. Somehow I suspected that was coming. If it weren't so hot in this house, I might have considered it, but I didn't really figure heating myself up would help matters any. As it is, the heat kept me up far longer than your story would have. Don't you feel better knowing you're not responsible for keeping an innocent girl awake all night? ;)

  4. Well, open a friggin' window, Melanie!

  5. That story definitely paints a very sexy picture