Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iron Hand!

Marvel Studios have turned most of their Grade-A comic book superheroes into great (and not-so-great) blockbuster motion pictures over the last few years. Admittedly, there have been hits and misses. With Captain America coming out this summer they're officially reaching below the A-list and into a bag of some strange or difficult-to-adapt characters.

While trolling the internet late last night I came across this panel. Got me thinking, could a superhero called Iron Hand be far behind? (Get it? Behind? Get it???)


  1. Very punny! Super hereos for spankos; cool idea.

  2. But a limited demographic, to be certain, joeyred51.

  3. Iron Hand is a super-hero-action-figure! He starts absorbing energy from viewing OTK photos. Just one photo, really, is all it takes. He is now fully powered.

    The secret to weakening Iron Hand is to call upon Buns Of Steel. It may take more then one Buns of Steel to defeat Iron Hand but it has been known to happen with just one.

    When approaching Iron Hand, take caution, and make sure you wear the cutest panties EVER!

  4. Hahahahaha! OMFG! That's awesome, Connie!

    Of course, beware Iron Hand's arch nemesis Blistermeister Misterblister and femme fatale sidekick Brattopia!

  5. In case anyone's interested, this is The Phantom spanking a bad girl named Zagra in his comic strip from 1938.

  6. Thanks, web-ed! Always glad to learn the whereabouts of stuff...