Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SSNY Boardwalk Badness Weekend Trip Report: Part 1

Normally I do a day-by-day trip report, but this time I think I’m going to summarize and give the highlights in this multipart report from Strictly Spanking New York’s Boardwalk Badness Weekend Report.

Overall, it was an amazing party. Though I didn’t get an official count, I heard there were 250 people present. This group was great and very diverse—younger players, people from near and far (UK and Ireland!), newcomers and seasoned vets. Of course, the whole thing was organized and run extraordinarily well by the good folks at SSNY, Miranda, Jules and Coach Tanner (and a bevy of other important organizers, assistants and volunteers).
The venue was the same as last year’s inaugural fest, The Chelsea hotel just off the Boardwalk, a hip and trendy retro facility with steakhouse, flashback coffee shop and best of all, no casino and thus, no smoking!
Thursday started off very frustrating. My alarm annoyed me awake at 3 am PDT to get ready for my 6:30 am flight out of LAX. As I brushed my teeth I looked over email on my phone and saw Delta had alerted me to a 2 hour and 15 minute delay on my flight from my layover in Minneapolis into Philadelphia.  
In Minneapolis that delay grew to over three hours, weather-related from the huge tornado and severe weather system the day before.  So I got into Philly late and even later into Atlantic City. By then, it was almost 11 pm, the early registration over. People were meeting up in the bar, but all I wanted to do was get something to eat! Lizzie and I met up and went to a very late dinner. If it was any other city but one filled with casinos we probably wouldn’t have had any luck finding a place to eat.
Afterward, each one of us on an earlier time zone than Eastern, we went back to the hotel, played a bit.  I ended my long day hanging out with Beth for a while, enjoying hanging out and relaxing. It was good to see her out of our usual context of the Lair. Finally completely beat and up for almost 24 hours straight I disappeared to my room, utterly exhausted.
Friday morning began late—slept in. Jada arrived from her red-eye and together she, Lizzie and I went to breakfast where we ran into many from the party.  We went on a long walk in the sunshine on the Boardwalk and I returned to go on an afternoon run down the Boardwalk, a real treat. I gave Jada her first spanking of the weekend—a warm up to get her ready for suite party play later in the evening. After dinner, it was off to the vendor fair (which included dinner) where there were mixer games, raffles, and other activities. Also found some a nice selection of implements, including a lauded-over table of The London Tanner’s fine wares. By the time I got to the table things were slim pickin’s unfortunately. It was great to catch up with friends I’ve grown to truly appreciate in the two years we’ve been attending parties—HL & Sass, Strict Dave & Stacy, Michael & Diane, Richard Windsor, Rad & Sandy, Zelle and so many others I can’t think of ‘em all.
After the vendor fair we went up to the suites, which were brimming with people. I went off to play with Jada, then Lizzie, each with fun and enjoyable scenes. I hung out with Beth for a bit and we chatted some more. Up late once again, it was off to bed around 3 am…


  1. I do seem to recall seeing your name tag in passing as I came and went around the hotel. Great summary, and hope to maybe meet sometime in the future......


  2. Sorry we didn't meet. It's always good to put faces to names!