Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SSNY Boardwalk Badness Weekend Trip Report: Part 2

Saturday morning arrived far too quickly and soon everyone was downstairs for the Reformatory. A lot of fun, that, complete with fantastic and hilarious videos to augment the bad reformatory student discipline on stage.
Jada, Lizzie and I had planned—as far back as June of 2010—a roleplay scene themed to a popular intellectual property, complete with authentic costumes. The girls spent months assembling authentic bits and pieces of their ensembles. We showed up at the Reformatory in costume, to the bemusement and perplexed looks of some (even though the ladies could have fit into the school scene to some degree). After, we went up to their room and did our roleplay, complete with pervertables, props and home-cut switches. The scene was a hell of a lot of fun and I hope lived up to the expectations, hard work and time everyone put into it.
We changed, Yelped a great Mexican restaurant down the Boardwalk a ways and enjoyed some truly excellent food, a surprise to this Los Angelino considering we were in Atlantic City. Hilariously, we got our first glimpses of the Royal Wedding on a Spanish language TV program. I realized you don’t need English to understand a wedding.
I was so wiped from the first two nights I ended up taking a nap, something I never do. It’s either a sign of age or a sign I was exhausted. After, I felt like my head was filled with spun glass, Reason #1 for me to pass on napping in the first place. Got ready and headed up to the dinner and Talent Show.
Dinner took a bit longer than one would care to wait for, serving from a short buffet line a table at a time, diners and catering staff whisking food and empty trays down the same narrow hallway. A bit disorganized on the hotel’s part. The food was themed: A Taste of the Boardwalk. But the good stuff—the lobster rolls—seemed to disappear early and never was replenished!
Then came the talent show.  Obviously I’ve already commented on it here.  There were great acts, good acts and a few borderline. In the end, a wonderful young lady I’m happy to have met named Artams (sp?) did a fantastic lifestyle standup comedy routine. Unlike amateur standup comedians at open mic night she took to the stage and owned it, full of bravado and confidence, just as you expect from a total pro. Her routine was great and in the end it won her the award (a half-off ticket to next year’s party!). Joe and Groovyj did great songs—much better than I did! But in the end, Artams really pulled it off. The show was awesome.
Got to spank Jada, Alona, Sarah Rocks and Lizzie in the little spanking booths on the main floor of the ballroom.  Later, went up to the suite parties and hung out, played a bit and then the exhaustion hit me…hard. It was late and I turned in, crashing completely. But what a great day and night!
Why was it getting up each morning got harder and harder? Sunday is always the worst. Party organizers should always set up these “morning” sessions around noontime, no sooner. Pay attention FMS, SL and SSNY! Don’t make me get up!
Of course, as seems to be the New Tradition, the day started off with Strict Dave’s Court, replete with judge’s robes and gavel. As always, people could bring up others on charges and Judge Dave would exact his jurisprudence and punishment appropriately. Frivolous charges could result in their own punishments and bottoms got whacked on the “stand” and tops would be sentenced to personal service. There were a dozen or so cases, each hilarious with Dave taking matters very, very “seriously” with plenty of retribution and punishment.
Afterword we were famished and took the Boardwalk to find a place to eat, somehow ending up at the kitschy ersatz jungle of the Rainforest Café. Still not sure how that happened but the food was good (albeit overpriced).
After lunch we went back to the hotel and I had a long and varied scene with Jada, pulling out most my implements—paddles, devil’s tail, canes, straps and sensation implements—for the scene. I brought a fairly new-ish flogger and ended up with little bits of black suede “shrapnel” all over the white linens and managed a pretty nasty blister on my middle finger from the knob on the handle. It was a very good scene.
Lizzie came back later and we ended up relaxing in their room, just crashed and talking. I’m not sure what happened next, but I found myself in a rather interesting position—wresting Lizzie on the bed in an all-out tangle of bodies. Nothing naughty or weird, purely a physical wresting match. I turned it into a game: attempting to spank her bottom 10 times before stopping.  We’d never done this before and me, being mostly an only child; I’d never wrestled with siblings or friends. This was odd and new and…fun! Lizzie and I were laughing hysterically throughout, breathing heavy and sweating.  Learning as I went, I had her head down off the bed, bottom and legs up on it and finally got my swats in.  We crumbled in a heap, panting and laughing.
“Oh my god! That was so fun!” I said, incredulous. I’d barely caught my breath and I soon found myself doing the same with Jada! I had no idea they liked wresting and I certainly had no idea I did, too. That “scene” was awesome. Pure, unadulterated (in every meaning of the word), innocent (except for the spanking part) fun.
I checked email on my phone and saw a news alert from CNN: Osama bin Lauden had been found and killed. We groped for the remote, turned the TV on and watched the story unfold as our fellow party-goers took to the Atlantic on a sunset cruise.
Eventually the cruisers returned and we met up with Gia and others in Michael & Kate’s suite where I had a great spanking with Lori and Kate (not together, mind you).  The night growing long, Lizzie and I had one last intense and harsh scene where many marks were made. It was hard but short.  Lizzie was spent, Jada returned to their room and I put them to bed, then headed off to see Beth and talk about the weekend for a while before finally turning in about 3 am, utterly exhausted once again.
The day we return home is always depressing. The party over, no time for another scene, it’s all business: packing, paying hotel bills, saying goodbyes. In the lobby we ran into Michael & Kate once more, said farewells and did the same to Richard Windsor and a few others. Our transporation arrived and Gia, Jada and Lizzie and I headed off to Philly airport and home. Gia took a separate airline from me, having come out early to hang out with her “sister” Diane from Florida for a few days before the official start of the party, so we didn’t have our typical decompression time and catch-up time and before we knew it we were home, back our regular lives, our busy party weekend with our scenes, play, partners and activities over.
There’s nothing like being able to share time with friends, meet new ones and enjoy the feeling and weight of a beautiful young lady over your lap, hand on the small of the back, the other connecting sharply on the soft but firm cheek of a hot young thing. It gets my ticker beating faster just thinking about it.
To the ladies that gave me the honor of falling across my lap, thank you! Literally everyone I played with this weekend were friends that I share a connection with. I always appreciate your trust, your appreciation of me (and my hand!) and the time (however brief it might be) we have together.


  1. Awesome party reports, Craig! It's so much fun to relive the party through a friend's perspective. Thanks for sharing!