Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tropical Beach Party: On the Road Again...

Well, it's been almost a year, believe it or not, and I'm on my way to Tampa Thursday. But I can't just pack for a few days, because depending on confirmation of some work stuff, I could be on my way to Europe, the Middle East, back to Europe and then home again--all which makes packing really challenging.

Okay, let's see:
  • Underwear
  • Shorts
  • Shirts
  • Dopp bag
  • Paddle
  • Crop
  • Wartenberg Wheel
  • Business Suit
  • Tie
  • Dress Shoes
  • Umbrella
You can see why I'm having trouble with this.

I'll pack one bag for FMS, one for the next two weeks and see what happens. Maybe I'll come home from Tampa next Monday, maybe off to Europe. Crazy.

In the mean time, I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends, getting some lovely ladies over my lap and relaxing.

Look for my typical party reports, coming soon!

(About the image: I was hoping to find something vintage and cool on a beach. That was as close as I got.)


  1. Someone in waders getting spanked in a river???!


  2. You know, such a normal, daily occurrence, Alona!