Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Beth Night Out

Beth, after a scene at the Lair, in March.
Saturday night Beth is back in town and we'll be meeting up for another evening. Hanging out, dinner and a scene. I'm looking forward to this. At FMS (as described in my trip report here), we upped the ante for our scenes with a harsh, tough, intense scene that really informed me how far I could push--how far we could go in intensity. We've talked since and decided that level of intensity--pushed even further--is in order. She needs it and I want to do it. In some ways, I think we both need it.

But it's more than the scene. There's some pushing Beth needs--pushing in a place of potentially significant discomfort for her. I won't go into details here (at least not yet), but this scene will push us both in different ways.

I'm on edge (not in a negative way--more like on the edge of my seat) for the scene, and thought Beth hasn't revealed it yet, I'm certain she'll be getting nervous soon. if she's not already.

I'll report on our evening and our scene on Sunday (Monday at the latest as I'm traveling Sunday on business). I can't wait to see her and can't wait to see what happens when this scene plays out...

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