Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brief Update from FMS

So we arrived this evening to the Sandpiper Resort at FMS, ran instantly into our two friends from Los Angeles (long way to go to see them!) and did some marketing for waters, breakfast stuff, etc. Ran into Beth and friends in the lobby (and I totally surprised her by sneaking up behind her when she was checking in). Went to a quiet dinner, just Gia and I, then I had some work to catch up on and then headed up to the early, pre-party suite party where a bunch of folks (Richard Windsor, John from NYC, others) were hanging out enjoying the pleasant evening air and ocean breeze. A lot of fun camaraderie, laughs and great conversations, then I took Beth back to her room and gave her a bedtime spanking and headed off to my room.

The good news is I'm not going to have to head off to Europe from FMS Monday. Instead, I get to fly home, go back to work Tuesday and Wednesday, then head off to the Middle East Thursday, onto Europe from there and then either back home or onto China (we'll see what happens between now and mid-June!). Nothing is ever boring...

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