Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FMS Report Stall Tactic: Time Travel to Boardwalk Badness

I still don't have my FMS Tropical Beach Party report done (I've been buried at work today and was too worn out last night to get it done). So...I'll placate all of you with a brief photo essay from SSNY's Boardwalk Badness Weekend five weeks ago.

See, I traveled on business immediately after BBW and I hastily pulled together a trip report because I knew when I got to my destination my site would be blocked there. I got sucked into work, work, work and never got around to adding the following. Until I get the FMS report done, enjoy...

In Atlantic City I had a great and very rough scene with Lizzie to cap our weekend. She allowed me take some pics and share them with you all. 

Some lovely caning marks and some strap and paddle rosiness. 

Detail on the caning.

Close up on the "handiwork" (pun intended).

 Breast markings.

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