Sunday, July 10, 2011

Addicted to Fetish? Take the Quiz!

(NOTE: Let me just start by saying I'm not experiencing this problem, but was just musing on this today...)

How do you know if you're a Fetish Addict?

Let's take the Fetish Addict Quiz:

1.) How much do you surf FetLife? 0-1 hour a day: 0 points, 2-3 hours a day: 1 point, 3-6 hours a day: 2 points, 6-20 hours a day: 20 points

2.) How often are you at your local dungeon? 1 night a week: 0 points, 2 nights a week: 2 points, 3 nights a week: 4 points, Can I sleep there?: 20 points

3.) How often do you visit when I want to wank: 0 points, when I'm bored: 2 points, when I can stream it: 3 points, replaced my TiVo: 20 points

4.) How much do you troll kink blogs (like this one)? once in a while: 0 points, every time my RSS feed gets pinged: 2 points, I'm Chross-ing all day long: 20 points

5.) Have you purchased something kinky through Amazon? no: 0 points, yes: 20 points

6.) When Extreme Restraints is having a sale do you... browse to see what fucked up shit is on clearance?: 0 points, check the available credit on your Visa?: 2 points, stop eating for a few days so you can afford that amazing new chrome spreader bar?: 20 points

Add up your score!

If your total is between 0-3 you're not a Fetish Addict.
If your total is between 4-8 you should think about watching a little more vanilla TV.
If your total is between 9-20 it's time to call a lifestyle-friendly shrink.
If your total is over 20 you're a Fetish Addict.


  1. I think your quiz is flawed...

  2. And how is that, young lady?

    (BTW, you should consider posting your scores everyone!)

  3. I agree with Lizzie -- I mean, come on. An instant 20 points if you bought something kinky off Amazon?

    I'm shocked. I got 3 points. Probably because I've never been on or Extreme Restraints, and you know how I feel about dungeons.

  4. My points mainly come from FetCrack and blog reading. I order from the implement manufacturers not Amazon, so that answer saved me. Guess I'm not an addict after all! Though if one feels the need to take a quiz to find out if they are an addict, they likely already are. ;-)

  5. I got 20 points for obvious reasons ;)


  6. Erica, you're just upset you're not kinky enough... ;-)

  7. Lea: hahaha! You got that right!

  8. Well, Chross, you know how it is...

  9. I'm a little late to the party...

    Yea... I think the accuracy of this quiz is questionable...

    I got a ZERO, and I think you and I would both agree that I'm pretty pervy.