Friday, July 1, 2011

Saturday at the Lair with Beth

I met up with Beth at her hotel to pick her up to go to dinner. Being silly, I called her a terrible name when I got there. Being sillier, she playfully slapped me in the face. I grabbed her and promptly gave her an over-the-panties spanking in her suite (she'd been upgraded after waiting for an hour for her room!) that left her red:

She got ready and we were soon out to NoHo (North Hollywood's "clever" branding for their bohemian arts district--little more than a two block stretch of Lankershim Blvd. in an otherwise semi-industrial part of the San Fernando Valley) to a great little organic pizza place. After dinner, it was time to head over to the Lair for a scene very different from those we'd had before there.

First off, this was going to be a "pushing" scene, one in which I was doing to pushing. Beth wanted to be pushed, to have me go to the threshold of her pain, to play harder than we had played before. She wanted to have her comfort zones pushed. 

We had agreed before we went that we would play in the main room, rather than our usual spot off the kitchen in a small, quiet room really meant for only two scenes to happen at once. This would mean more eyes on her/us and more "public" play than we had done before.

We found a spot to play. Months before, in the cold damp of winter, we had had to play in the garage, a drafty, cold, leaky place (it had been raining). There was a padded "saw horse" in there I put her on, but Beth is small of stature and the arm/leg supports really worked for someone with longer limbs and she was left in an uncomfortable way. I didn't want to do that to her again. We looked at various equipment and furniture in the room and settled on a similar saw horse, but this one worked for her frame. I pulled over a padded bench, too. My implements all lined up on a towel on the floor, I grabbed Beth. She loves to stall before a scene. Once we're into it, she's good, but getting her over the hump of starting is always hard. That's one of the reasons I spanked her at the hotel. I thought if I did it suddenly it would be a good ice breaker. But still, I could see her stalling.

I put wrist restraints on her, then ankle. This felt like a ritual, even though it was only the second time (and I believe only the second time she'd ever had them on). Like the first time, I could see this had the desired effect of making her more nervous and also subduing her to some degree.

So I did what I do: I grabbed her and yanked her over my lap and started. She was wearing a beautiful (she called it "slutty" and "street walker", but it was gorgeous) black dress, black thigh-highs and pumps. I pulled up the dress and began to spank her bottom again. After a few minutes she relaxed and let it happen. This being our "harsh" scene and all, after warming her up I started laying in pretty hard with the hand, then switched to a London Tanners nanny paddle and the paddle I won at FMS for winning the naming contest (the "black hornet" -- a stingy little bastard). 

I was relentless. I pounded on her ass! The night was young so the room was fairly empty and the loud crack! sounds of the implements on her firm bottom really resonated around the room. After a while of this I stood her up and pulled off her stockings and had her take off her dress. I led her onto the saw horse and threatened her to keep her hands and legs down, else I clasp her onto the furniture so she couldn't move. (You see, she has a real problem with putting her hands back to cover her bum and when she's really in pain to rub it out herself--and she can kick, which can be really annoying when she's wearing stilettos. Once she almost poked my eye out with the fucking things!)

I used my dragon's tail, devil's tongue and crops on her, all over her body. I'd used Old Hickory, my favorite wood cane, from shoulder to toe, really marking her ass:

It went on for some time like this until finally I was ready to move into some sensation play. I thought Beth might be tired from the saw horse, so I took her off and stood her at a flogging post next to us, attaching her wrists to it (much to her chagrin, I can tell you!). I undressed her and started on the wartenburg wheel, multi-reed cane bundle, fur mitt with bear claws, knives--the works. Knives and one of my pokey wheels with little soft brushes always makes Beth crazy and gets her to scream. At one point we had about eight or nine people around watching us.

More caning, more crops and then it back onto the bench again. But before we went to the bench, I stood Beth up, clasped her hands behind her back, and then led her through the main room. "Wait. Where are we going?" she said in a panic.  

"Outside past the fire pit to the kitchen."

"Past all those people?" Beth's eyes grew wide. "I'm naked!" 

"Yes, I know."

"Wait."  She wanted to stall.  "I didn't know you were going to restrain me!"

"You can't cover yourself up this way," I replied and then grabbed her wrists and led her out of the room and outside. All eyes were either on her body or looking away out of some sort of strange politeness or prudence (we're at a dungeon for God's sake!). We went to the kitchen, I grabbed a few Reese's Pieces, popped them in my mouth, then walked her back to the main room. I held her tightly for a moment.

"That was sooooo hard," she said, burying her face in my shoulder. 

At this point, nearly two hours had gone by and was really ramping things up. I punished her bottom with my century-old razor strop, literally giving it everything I had until Beth was begging me to stop. I moved to straps, belts and then my wood paddle. It was intense, hard, harsh and relentless. 

I noticed her need to take "breaks" more frequently, needing to pause to catch her breath more, so I knew we were reaching some sort of tolerance limit (though I'm sure she could take more than what we did).  We wrapped up with a nasty flurry of paddling, really taking her to the brink, before I stopped to wrap my arms around her and hold her until she came back.

Though the scene ended rather abruptly, I think we went a long way toward the pushing bit. Between the intensity/harshness of the play, the nudity and "the walk" I think we went well beyond her comfort zone and to some place she really needed to go.

Thank you, Beth, for an amazing scene. You're a wonderful play partner and I always, always, always appreciate your respect and trust.

Beth's bottom the morning after...


  1. I love everything about our scenes. Thank you for giving me the chance to try new things. I feel so safe with you. I can't wait to play with you again.

  2. You're such a dear, Beth. You can bet I'll be ready to play anytime...

  3. Hot... hot .. (humiliating).. then hot, hot, and finally VERY HOT again.


  4. That just about sums it up, Zelle! Glad you liked!!!

  5. Awesome scene Craig and Beth.