Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Great Beth Beating

Beth and I had the opportunity to play at the Lair again. Our last scene had a hiccup or two, mostly out of some miscommunication and assumptions on our parts, so I think both of us had some trepidation going into the scene that neither of us had shared.  Beth was nervous at dinner. Generally, she is always a bit nervous. She mindfucks the scene before it begins, IMHO. But I like it. It's part of the dynamic. I tweak her and she gets nervous.

We arrived to the Lair when they opened so we could be sure to get our usual spot in the room off the kitchen. I had asked Beth to wear a particular outfit. I'd just come back from a business trip and had seen Suckerpunch on the plane. I was hoping for a little Babydoll action. Beth obliged, wearing a short, tight black skirt, knee-high grey socks, a simple white blouse and a red sweater. The ensemble was finished off with her hair in pony tails and matching red lip stain and high heel fuck-me pumps. Very school girl. When I added the wrist and ankle restraints we both were pleasantly surprised at how they matched her outfit. (Like we planned it that way...)

The inspiration...
Beth began stalling from the moment we got in the place. After setting up for our scene she continued her stall tactics until I grabbed her firmly by the wrist and brought her over my lap. We had an audience from the start and while Beth gave her usual sassy banter, there would be comments from the peanut gallery about how I needed to resolve her bad mouth. It was damn funny. I warmed her up with my hand then moved onto my nanny paddle, the new Black Hornet paddle (it stings!) and brought her to a lovely rosy red. 

It was time to move on. Beth always knows that when she's up off my lap and forced to stand bent over with her hands on the bench that things are going to be amped up, and they were. I undressed her, to get exposure to her flesh. I used my new whip on her, licking her flesh with the leather tail, leaving delicious marks across her backside and the base of her back. I used my dragon's tail, then began caning her all over with my thin wood cane, going from neck to heel, then turned her around and did the same on the front side. We'd toyed with the notion of breast torture, but had done very timid steps in that direction in the past. Tonight was the night to amp it up. I carefully caned her breasts, belly, then down the front of each leg. 

I turned her back around, using my thick wood cane (not my Canemore, but a laminated, flatter--and thus, thuddier--cane) on her back side. As I was slowly ramping up the impact, her hands kept moving back to try to cover her bottom, as Beth always does. I began threatening her with restraint, something she really does not want (okay, she does, but you know). Paddles came into play and then I brought out my carbon fiber cane and really welted up the back of each leg rather nicely.

I moved on to floggers, pulling out my heavy suede moose flogger, a highly impactful flogger that almost knocks the wind out of you. I flogged her back and bottom rather fiercely. Skin awakened and sensitized I brought out the sensation play implements: fur mitt, Wartenberg wheels and other pokey things. Beth hates/loves my knives and when I run them across her skin she wails out as if I'm splitting her in two. Tonight was no exception. 

She was getting very antsy, hands coming back to cover her bottom again and again, so I figured it was time to move her to the padded table where she could lie there and if she kept moving her hands back I could restrain her to the bolts built into the sides of the table. Almost as soon as she was down, her hands were flying back to cover her ass. I threatened to restrain her and warned her each time she had two more warnings...one more warning...and then before she knew it she was restrained--and she was none too happy about it! I didn't restrain her legs (mostly because I knew she'd be kicking her legs up to try to cover her bottom when with her hands tied down and, frankly, I really wanted to smack the backs of her legs for doing so--but don't tell her I said that!). And smack I did.

The bench always indicates the start of the final act. I really ramp it up, letting loose with a barrage of hand spanks, paddles, slappers and the like. Beth was really getting in her head and annoyed at the restraints holding her hands in place. I'd look down and see she was looking over the edge of the table, eying her left hand and trying to work the caribbeaner. Unsuccessfully, I might add. She's catch me looking at her and stop, hoping she wouldn't get in trouble for attempting to "escape." Sometimes I'd call her on it and others I'd simply ignore it. When she finally slid the blanket I always put across the table to obscure her attempted handiwork I really laid into her, smacking the bejeezus out of her bottom for her subterfuge. 

I brought back the cane after that, welting her more. She was nearly baked at this point, so I started to ease my way toward the obligatory conclusion: the dreaded thick leather paddle. She had only five swats coming her way, yet she was not eager to receive them. I had to quiet her down before proceeding to the five swats, and even then I went fairly moderate on those, sensing her done-ness. 

Upon completion she buried her face into the blanket, her hands twisted into talons and gripping the restraints that held her in place. I held her, calmed her and slowly took the restraints off so she could wrap herself up into a little cocoon. Then she got cold. It was sudden, and she began shaking violently. She said she'd never experienced it before, so I reassured her, kept her warm and held her until she was in a better place.

It was another amazing scene.

Next time: something utterly and completely different. She has no idea what's coming but it's going to freak her out when she finally concludes what I have in store for her. But that's after Shadow Lane...


  1. wow sounds pretty severe - and looks it too.

  2. Thanks for another super duper great scene! I'm still all smiles when I think about our hurty little night. Well, hurty for me, not so much for you because I don't remember kicking you this time. :P I really can't adequately put into words how much I love our time together. I appreciate all the time, effort, and care you put into making our scenes so freaking fantastic. Thank you.

    OMG - you're going to tease me on here too?! I wanna know what's coming up!!!

    ♥ FB

  3. I'm glad you have such great scenes with me, Beth. It means a lot to me. I strive to create meaningful, compelling scenes.Thank YOU.

    As for teasing you? Tough shit...

  4. Thanks for sharing a great scene with us. Well done Craig.