Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lizzie at the Lair

(NOTE: This scene took place almost two and a half weeks ago. I’m describing this from memory, since I haven’t really had the chance to write it out until now. Two days after Lizzie left town I got notified my mother was on her deathbed and I had to quickly get to see her before she passed. Unfortunately she died less than three hours after I arrived.  I stayed for almost a week to coordinate the memorial service then learned that the day after I would have to fly for business to the Middle East. So it’s been a long, complicated couple of weeks.)

It was a wonderful surprise when Lizzie told me she was coming to Los Angeles to visit some friends from her college days who had recently moved out here. I was excited to see her on my turf. We didn’t so much make arrangements as we did just assume we’d be going to the Lair together while she was out visiting. We even took some time to do a little sightseeing, this being her visit to L.A. and all.

Saturday night I drove to her friends’ place—they were well aware of Lizzie’s, um, predilections, and decided to tag along on our trip to the Lair de Sade. We all ate dinner together at a fantastic steak house, getting to know one another before driving up to North Hollywood to the dungeon. Once we were there, Lizzie and her friend changed (well, Lizzie just removed a lace shawl-like cover-up and ruffled black skirt), both suddenly much more fetish-dressed. Lizzie wore a sexy white corset and black super short-short leather shorts and heels.

I showed the three around the Lair, going from room to room, space to space. We were there at opening, so the place was still pretty empty, but they got the lay of the land. We sat out on the patio for a while talking, enjoying the warm August evening air.

Finally, it was time to play and I grabbed my roll-along bag of implements and Lizzie and I went into the main room. I pulled over a padded saw horse (I wish I knew of a better name for these) and lined it up, then moved to a wooden X, laid out my implements and brought Lizzie over.

We started with some OTK on an ottoman next to where we were going to play. I had brought over a few paddles and soon I was spanking her both with my hand as well the paddles, using the little Black Hornet on her she hates so much because of how stingy it is. I have this “bad habit” of using that implement in one spot, again and again, over and over, not moving from that spot, until the pain wells up and becomes almost unbearable. I love it.  I took her shorts off and spanked her a while longer.

After doing this for a while it was time to move on. We got up, and slowly I put the restraints on her wrists, careful to tighten them, then moved her onto the cross, clipping the restraints to the eye bolts and pushing her against the cold wood. My more whippy implements came out then, a dragon’s tail, devil’s tail, a riding crop.

I unfastened the corset one fastener at a time until it was loose, then gently pulled it off Lizzie, setting it aside. I worked her back with a few more implements, then set to caning her all over with a small, light wooden cane I used to wake up her skin from head to toe.  I unfastened her, turned her around, and caned her front side and breasts.  Using a larger cane, I caned her breasts in only three strokes per, marking them.  On her left breast an angry red welt came up, blood just under the surface. Lizzie whimpered from the strokes.

I turned her back around again and restrained her once more, bringing out a thick, smooth, laminated cane that is flat rather than round and set to making some sharp marks along her bottom and the back of each leg (and if those bruises are still there by Shadow Lane I won’t be surprised).

Something happened then, something neither Lizzie nor I quite could figure out, but she sort of crashed. I’ve seen a full-body sweat break out or the person I’m playing with suddenly feeling faint, often while playing and standing, but Lizzie complained of feeling nauseous (well, to be honest, a lot worse than nauseous).  I quickly took her from the cross and sat her on my lap, wrapping her in a thick furry and warm blanket. She took deep breaths, settled down and we sat there for a bit as I cradled her until she was better. She never figured out what happened, exactly.

Neither of us wanted to end the scene there. Normally I would have said that was enough, but she seemed up for it and wanted to continue and it seemed she was back to normal. Undressed, I had her put on her heels, and like I did with Beth, walked her around outside at the Lair for all to see. This time, the activity was different. For Beth it had been about humiliation and pushing. For Lizzie, it was more of a reward. She likes being seen and so it was a pleasant thing for her, a bit of a respite before continuing.

Back in the main room I thought better than to bind her back up on that X again, so we moved over to the padded sawhorse and I threw the fur blanket across it and restrained her to it, sliding my bag and implements over to our new position in the big room.

As the evening had worn on (an hour and a half or more had passed since we had started) more people had shown up and other scenes were going on around us and spectators sat in the room to watch the action.

I used all my sensation toys on Lizzie now, from Wartenberg wheels to knives to my own fingernails, scraping across her flesh from shoulders to ankles. I scratched her with devilish little implements then rubbed a fur mitt across her bare skin, then digging the bear claws on the underside of the mitt into her flesh, eliciting little screams and moans along the way.

(I was aware, briefly, of Lizzie’s friends coming into the room to watch once or twice along the way.)

I flogged her then, using my newly reacquired heavy moose flogger on her back, shoulders, bottom and legs—really packing a wallop. That flogger is so heavy it’s a cross between impact and a really heavy massage.

I disconnected her from the sawhorse, pulling her to me, and wrapping her in the blanket again, holding and rocking her as she regained her composure. We sat there for a bit in the main room, watching a few other scenes, including one of the single oddest and most interesting scenes I’ve ever witnessed, but that’s for another blog entry.

Eventually we realized how late it was getting. Our scene had gone on for a few hours and Lizzie and her friends needed to get home. I drove them back out to their place, dropping them off, and I drove back home, a long night complete and a rewarding, wonderful scene at the Lair.

It was odd and fantastic, having Lizzie at the Lair. I know her from the spanking parties. She’s read probably every entry of my blog and followed all of my scene descriptions with Erica and Beth at the Lair. I really enjoyed the opportunity to play with Lizzie there, giving her the chance to see what she had only read about or heard described. And on top of that, we had an amazing scene, even though it did have that little hiccup along the way.

Thanks Lizzie. You’re a fantastic play partner. Hope I helped make your trip to Los Angeles a memorable one.


  1. Craig,

    Real sorry to hear about your mom my friend, you are in my thoughts.


  2. Thanks, RIchard. I hesitated even mentioning it. See you tomorrow...

  3. Damn, sounds like you had quite the time. (Whatever snags may have been hit.)

    I feel like I should pay homage to Lizzie after seeing those pictures. :D

  4. sorry to hear about the passing of your mum. Sad news.
    This "Lair" sounds very interesting. Lizzie is very brave those marks look painful - as much as i think i'd like to go that far, its a scary thought. Thought I dont think id like to be caned anyway but on my backside, back and back of my thighs.

  5. Thanks, kiwigirliegirl. It's all good. Backside, back and back of thighs is a good place to be caned, BTW.

  6. My deepest sympathies for your loss.

    Lizzie has incredible courage and stamina. Thank you for recounting it for us.

  7. joeyred51: Thanks for that. I'm okay.

    Courage and stamina, eh? I'll let her know. I'm sure she'll find those words interesting.

  8. "We sat there for a bit in the main room, watching a few other scenes, including one of the single oddest and most interesting scenes I’ve ever witnessed, but that’s for another blog entry." You're seriously going to leave us at that? Really? When do we get to hear the story?

    "Backside, back and back of thighs is a good place to be caned, BTW." I didn't know it was safe to cane backs. Besides avoiding the kidneys, is there anything I should know about that before I suggest it to my husband to add to his repertoire?

  9. Melanie: You cane on either side of the spine and the impact needs to be judged and adjusted to where you're hitting. It's more tapping/percussion, not heavy impact for pete's sake.

  10. That makes significantly more sense than what I was imagining, though it doesn't sound quite as exciting. I'm glad I didn't get all gung ho and go for it before I saw your response. Of course, the husband is more sensible than I am when it comes to what is physically wise, so it probably would have been just fine.

  11. Melanie: I have some big canes in terms of diameter (one the girls call "canemore" because it's so big it's a cane--and more!). A beginner likely shouldn't use those on a back, particularly if they hadn't done backs with canes before.

  12. I'm now envisioning a broomstick... I think I'll pass.

  13. Melanie: That's about it--but the diameter is slightly larger.

  14. So, do we get to hear about "one of the single oddest and most interesting scenes [you’ve] ever witnessed" any time soon?

  15. Yes, yes, Melanie. That's my next post!