Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shadow Lane Party Report Part 1

Thursday: Arrived in Vegas Thursday afternoon and discovered Beth was in the airport awaiting the shuttle to the Sun Coast. Gia and I offered for her to join us in the cab. Soon we were out of the heat enjoying lunch at the TGI Fridays on property (if enjoying is really the right word for a TGI Fridays). The afternoon turning into night and we found ourselves at dinner at the hotel's Mexican restaurant with Brad, Brad's lovely (albeit temporarily handicapped) wife, Beth, Beth's good friend CeeCee and Lizzie.  I had brief spanking scenes with both Lizzie and Beth in the afternoon/evening. Later we were up at Joe's party (Joe: way to go on an excellent series of parties--well stocked, excellently coordinated--the place to be!)

Had dealt with an odd gentleman (no, okay, he squarely fit into the creeper category) earlier in the day. I'd been in Lizzie's room when he knocked on the door. He was soliciting play--literally! Like a door-to-door salesman! At Joe's party there he was again, this time hovering around Beth & CeeCee like a fruit fly. I intervened, seeing they were both a bit annoyed at his invading-their-space proximity. Beth is Asian (you'd never know from her blurred face photos on my blog but trust me, she is) and this guy asks me, and I quote: "So is the Chinese girl Chinese?" Huh? "I'm proud of my heritage and I let people know where I'm from but some of these second and third generation people just say they're Americans." What the hell, dude. I replied curtly, "I don't know, you should ask her" knowing full well he just had and she had replied "American." Anyway...Creepers. Still can't figure them out at these things.

Friday: Coffee, had to do some work for, uh, work, went for a run on the treadmill then had a great scene with Lizzie somewhere in there that went on for a while and was a lot of fun in its intensity. We almost always have amazing scenes. I know deep down Lizzie is a spanko and I love to just give her a good solid spanking scene every now and then (rather than my usual hybrid spanko/BDSM scenes). I pulled out my paddles (wood, leather), canes and then unfurled (if that's the right word) my belt to give her a good strapping (and it was a good strapping!). 

In the afternoon I went to play with Beth. CeeCee was her roommate and she's a hoot. In the middle of the scene I picked up a leather London Tanner paddle and there, beneath it was a note from CeeCee. It absolutely stopped the scene because I began laughing my ass off. Beth looked up to inquire and I had to show her. We both got a good chuckle out of that. Well played, CeeCee!  During the scene I had used my vampire gloves on Beth and left them on the bed after using them. Beth was scurrying around on the bed (likely trying to get away from me after putting her hands over her bottom, a big no-no!) and, unbeknownst to me, smacked her to squarely on one of those spiky gloves. 

Here is the net result:

Ultimately I left a lasting impression on Beth:
Later it was time for the Vendor Fair and I was happy to purchase a few items certain to torture my favorite play partners. Last year I had been pacing like a caged lion at the Vendor Fair awaiting an opportunity to pounce on Lizzie as we had arranged a take-down scene. This year, with my mother passing away a little over two weeks prior to the party and having just gotten home from the Middle East but 36 hours prior to Shadow Lane I really was feeling more like crawling into bed at home than going to Vegas and playing. My head just wasn't in the game I'm sorry to say.

Ended up the night at Joe's suite party again where I played with three of my favorite play partners: Erica, Beth and Lizzie, all for the delight of the party's onlookers, I'm sure. It was a delight to have Erica across my lap again and it was fun to see the smile of pure joy on her face as we played. It's been too long, hon (my fault, not yours!). Beth and I had a fun, furious bit of OTK in the suite--very intense and, as Beth would say, hurty. Lizzie and I played as a few spanking video stars played and put on a show on the bed right next to us. I was a bit annoyed he kept carelessly tossing implements almost into Lizzie's face on the bed and I think the young lady he was playing with must've said something to him because after, when I was rubbing out Lizzie's red bottom, he leaned over and gave us an impromptu creative scenario for our scene: he said I was a hip-but-bored high school principal and it was obvious (from Lizzie's pleated skirt and argyle socks, I suppose) that she was a naughty-but-horny student. He went on and on and it left both Lizzie and I in stitches we were laughing so hard! We got up, I gave Lizzie a hug and then I stopped and looked at her and said, "I look old enough to be the principal? Damn!"

Tomorrow (I hope) I'll post the remainder of my trip report!


  1. It really WAS fun, wasn't it! :-)

    BTW, did that creeper have a ponytail, perchance? If so, I know exactly who you mean. AAAAGGGH!

  2. Thank you for some fun scenes! I had so much fun, even with a stabbed toe.

    I completely forgot about CeeCee's note until I saw the pic of it. It also reminded me that I left hers and yours on the nightstand, and now I'm bummed. You two are like two peas in a pod.

  3. The ladybug panties are epic. :)

  4. No, Erica. No ponytail. I'll tell you offline.

    I'm so glad you had a good party!

  5. We had some fun scenes indeed, Beth.

    How are CeeCee and I like two peas in a pod?

  6. A'marie: And here I thought they were strawberries! ;-P

  7. Thank you Craig. Glad you all had fun in Vegas.

  8. Yahooooo -- you're Chrossed! :-D

  9. I enjoyed reading your recount of the party. Good times.

  10. Aw, CeeCee. Thanks for commenting! I miss you!