Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story Update

About a month ago I wrote here about American Horror Story, a dark, creepy, erotic, kinky new TV show. I highly endorse it for it's weirdness and high creep factor. On the most recent episode the show took a flashback detour to explain where "Latex Man" came from, a supernatural (perhaps) character in a full body hooded latex suit. During the flashback one of the lead characters (played by Zachary Quinto) goes to a BDSM store. 

The funny thing I was watching the show with my kids (don't worry, the two watching the show with me are 24 and 21) and the BDSM store the character goes into is JT Stockroom, a store I'm very familiar with. Have you ever had one of the moments when you see a place or person you recognize on TV? You get all excited and want to let others know about it? Well, that was me. And in that moment, I almost jumped up and pointed at the screen and said, "That's JT Stockroom! I know that place!" But in a nanosecond I caught myself and kept my trap shut.

Good plan.


  1. Gee, thanks for your compassion kiwigirliegirl!

  2. Did I not tell you that lady scares me? So do those things on her tits.

    I can't watch American Horror Story. I made it about 12 minutes in and it creeped me out so badly I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore of it.

    I didn't know Zachary Quinto is in it... My gay hubs looks exactly like him...

  3. Oh darn, forgot add this part:

    I agree with kiwigirliegirl -- sooooooo funny. Good job.

  4. Beth: Those things on her tits could be on yours!

    As for AHS, I concur. It's creepy to the point of being uncomfortable, yet I can't stop watching! After watching the last episode I commented to my kids that I can't really say I enjoy it or find it entertaining but I can't turn it off!

    My daughter would like to meet your gay hubs. She has the hots for Zachary Quinto, even though he is out.