Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Submission

(NOTE: I started this on Halloween night, but then I had to take a red-eye to Costa Rica for business and, well, it kinda slipped. Though I know it's late now, enjoy some Halloween fiction...)

  • red lacy bra specifically engineered to press her assets for maximum exposure
  • tiny pleated skirt so short her ass cheeks poked out from beneath, begging the mind of the viewer to think of nothing less than a Neanderthal taking
  • pink garter belts holding up pink hose
  • white "fuck-me" pumps
  • costume of unknown type other than "slut"
  • polo shirt with "EAST" on chest, blue and red
  • baseball cap in similar
  • jeans
  • costume obscurely significant only to those hardcore fans of "Friday Night Lights"
  • mildly decorated Halloween party living room, bulbs replaced in Crate & Barrel fixtures with red and green
  • "spooky" spider webs
  • bubbling cauldron of punch of unknown alcoholic content
East sees Slut enter room from kitchen. He is immediately taken by her bra. Actually, he's really taken by her breasts. Her bra is superficial to the intent. She sees him. Costume appears lame but his well sculpted chest and arms convey the necessary information.


  • Horny
  • Eager to play
  • Feeling sassy
  • Looking for action
  • Palm itching for a spanking
  • Ready to be aggressive
They make eye contact and approach. "I've been bad," Slut says. 

"I know," East replies. There's a smile. Knowing. A passing of understanding between the two. She shrugs. It's playful. He lashes out, grabs her wrists. She bites her lip. Draws blood. It's unexpected.

"Ouch," she mutters. Her eyes smile. Devilish.

"Come with me," East says, pulling her away, away, away.

"I hope so," Slut replies.


  1. You created a very hot visual image! Well done.