Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Sexiness

She sat on the padded bench, showing off the new thigh-high black leather boots she got for Christmas. She knew what she wanted and she knew what he wanted, too. Before they were to go out, dine, dance, pop the champagne for New Year's eve, she knew she needed a spanking to get her centered, get out of her head and into the mood to celebrate. There was too much going on, too much to think about, too much to stress her out. 

She stretched out, presenting to him in her own way and he pulled out his iPhone and snapped a pic.

For now, if only for a little bit, she looked at him, bared her bottom, and said something intentionally snarky. It was time to have fun, not to think. 


  1. She sounds like me. I'm too in my head.

    That's the perfect way to start an evening.

  2. Those boots, wow! If he gets her kicking while OTK, she's gonna poke his eye out with a heel! Now spankify-ing the Christmas Story is coming to mind...

  3. That almost happened to me once with Beth, Lea! For real!

  4. Intentionally snarky. My hero.

  5. Great post and a happy new year to you!


  6. Thanks, Krista. And welcome to the blog. Thanks for the comment!

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  7. Total exaggeration, Craig!

    I have short legs. They can't reach your head!