Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exposé! I'm not a Spanko!

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while you'll already know I'm not really a spanko. I don't consider myself one, though many of my friends say I relate better to the people in the spanking community than I do to those in the BDSM. I relate better because the good folks of the spanking world are more open, friendly, communicative while in BDSM there's more stand-offishness, protocol, general skepticism (after all, you can't just jump into a BDSM scene--it could be utterly unsafe to do so. Spanking just might get you redder or frustrated if playing with a neophyte).

But I don't consider myself a spanko at all because I never grew up with the general spanking tropes roiling around in my head. I didn't fantasize about OTK. I didn't have discipline interests that seem so common to the people I talk to who came from a long-standing spanking interest (like school discipline or boss/secretary or father/child kind of things). Rulers weren't pervertable objects to me. Neither were belts (belts were just for holding one's pants up). When I saw someone getting spanked in a tv show or movie they were simply being punished, it wasn't fodder for masturbatory fantasies (or, well, just fantasies). It still surprises me when I inadvertently roll up my sleeves around someone like Lizzie and she sort of trails off with what she was saying to stare, mesmerized, as I do it. ("What?" I'll ask, then realize what she's staring at and sort of chuckle to myself.)

That being said, it's not that I don't like most of those things (though the whole age play thing still squicks me out). I love OTK, discipline, a good rough scene. Inflicting pain gets me off. Decidedly so. And spanking, as a means to do that, utterly works for me.


  1. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, you're not a spanko?! *gasp*
    How about an honorary spanko, then? ;)

    I tend to be a "to each his/her own" type, but I find age play towards the top of my squick list. I've tried to sink more into understanding of it, as one of my closest friends and his wife are into it, but talk of littles and Daddies and such makes my head spin and my eyes glaze over. Okay, tangent over.

  2. Thanks for the post, A'marie. I get it, oh, trust me I get it.

  3. LOL sounds like a spanko to me....I dont know what age play is but you sound just like my hubby when you say you inflicting pain gets you off and he is one too... ;)

  4. Age play is acting--typically--like you're younger than you are. A school girl is typical.

    So your hubby and I--we're both sadists.

    1. ahh OK...thanks for the explanation. Yes you and my new hubby are both sadists...! ouch for me! LOL ;)

  5. Eh, the labels aren't important. As long as you are enjoying what you are doing, who cares? I'll still associate with you even if you didn't use to look up spanking in the dictionary. ;-) Oh and I'm totally with your friend Lizzie on the rolling up the sleeves thing. Mmm.

  6. So you aren't a spanko... I still love the way you spank. ;) Just like I love it when your inner sadist comes out to play. It makes my inner masochist very happy.

  7. I think your inner masochist and my inner sadist should schedule a play date, Beth.

  8. Oh man, age play squicks me out big time.. and that's anything role played out under the age of 30. LOL - god I hate those silly outfits too.. give me a break!(blech!) I'd rather dress in something sexy.

    I don't know if I ever thought of you primarily as a Spanko, but I damn sure felt some bdsm Dom like qualities.. which is what attracted me to want to play with you. (thanks for that heads up Erica!) :)

    You are so sure of yourself, which I love, and you can give "that look" that gives me a shiver (giggles).. and although ya put up with a modicum of nonsense (like me giggling throughout a spanking), you came off as a fun loving no nonsense kinda guy. (at least that's the way I saw you!)

    I'm sure you just love (in a fun lovin' evil rat bastard sorta way - LOL) dishing out pain. Good thing I like being on the receiving end of that! (grinz) I still remember me telling ya, "Hey! I do have another cheek ya know?!" - and you proceeding to swat me 70 times on that opposing cheek to alleviate my dismay (rofl), so now the left cheek was all caught up.. however, in the interest of the symmetry that you're so fond of, back you went again to the right cheek to even things up with an additional 70 swats. OWW! OWW! OWW! Holy hell that was a fun night!

    So you may not be an out and out Spanko.. you're just an alpha male that I had a damn blast playing with!

  9. Dearest Zelle:

    Thank you so very, very much for summarizing me in about three solid paragraphs of amazing description that is utterly and completely accurate. I proudly stand up to that and say, "Yup! That's me!"

    I appreciate your candor and powers of observation.


  10. You're most welcome.. (sometimes it takes a solid three paragraphs to get your point across) :-)

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  12. I have no idea, I have to say. Didn't even know I was listed there, sbo.