Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh, the things you find on Amazon...

First off, this isn't April 1 so the idea of joke items for sale on Amazon doesn't seem plausible (and is against their policy), but a 55-gallon drum of water-based lube is nothing short of (in the worlds of the late, great John Wayne) re-goddam-diculous. What is this used for? It's not veterinary or medical because it's called "PASSION." So one can only assume two possible buyers for this $1,500 product (you save: $1,255!): a major porn title producer (Anal Rapist 17, anyone?) or a large brothel. Either way, ewww!

What's funnier than the product listing itself are the absolutely pee-worthy customer reviews and comments which absolutely, positively must be read! (Click here to go to Amazon to read.)

There's also the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed..." section, which includes the following curious, hilarious products: 


  1. The comments were hysterical, but I suspect they were exercises in creative writing! "A lube that made me smell like a dessert topping"?

    The product ads from external sites below included a 1000-pack of strawberry-flavoured condoms.

    My husband once left a very tongue in cheek comment on a recipe for roasted squirrel.

  2. Good stuff. A friend found a Monster brand internet cable for $10,000. It also wasn't a joke.

  3. "Anal Rapist 17, anyone?"

    ROFLMAO! Omg, that is too crazy!

  4. Thanks. I'm glad I was able to contribute to the hilarity of your day, Lea.

  5. The person who wanted the horse's head would definitely be the other end of the unfortunate animal.


  6. Hahahahaha! Thanks for the comments, John. Welcome to the blog.

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