Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Get an A+ in Kink

This is a legit class at University of Minnesota. It's not a college course, it's just happening at the U of M. I love the idea of this at a legit college, that students could take a course in Safer Sex, Kinky Communication, Japanese-style Rope Bondage and more.

If you were in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area you could have gone to this a few weeks ago. And if you did go, please tell us how it went.

Now if only there were college courses for OTK, breast torture, sensation play...


  1. Very cool!

    Our local university has lots of short couress in the summer. I must get a calendar and check for anything kinky.


  2. Ha. Let me know what you find out, Hermione.

  3. That would be very interesting. I've heard of a class that's based on South Park. Someone can surely make a kink class happen.

  4. I'm sure someone can, Lea. There are classes for all kinds of crazy things these days...