Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teledildonics are Officially Here!

Previously I had reported on the development of teledildonics, the ability to interact with sex toys long distance in order to provide sexual pleasure to another. Well, it's no long science fiction and no longer the exclusive territory of South Korea. Teledildonics have come to America!

A company called Mojowijo is now offering his and hers sex toys that connect to a Wii controller and can be manipulated by a partner far, far away. Users connect the Wii to their PC (Macs don't work--boo!) and then shake the Wii on their end to create stimulating vibrations on the other. Of course, the woman's seems quite mainstream in terms of the g-spot friendly dildo, but the guy's device looks as though you might be getting jacked off by a limbless war veteran or Bender from Futurama (both of which are likely their own kinks with at least a small populace).

Nonetheless, the future is here! We can have sex long distance! If we don't get our flying cars at least we can have this! I don't know about the rest of you, but I welcome our robotic overlords.

(Special thanks to Lizzie for providing the info from a legit article on Slate.)


  1. Wait, how does Lizzie know about all this so quickly?!

  2. She likes to surf, Indy!

    (And thanks for commenting!)

  3. Or you could just use your Wii-mote directly. They have those sleeves that people call the Wii condom. You know somebody's done it... Lol.

  4. The thought of a segment of the population titillated by Bender porn has me grinning.

    Maybe I'll actually get around to using my Wii.

  5. I'm sure there MUST be some out there somewhere, A'marie...