Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

How desperate must you be to settle for something like this? I've never understood self-flagellation. There are many examples of this in the kink community. There are spanking machines, some of which show up at spanking parties every now and then. There are long distance D/s relationships in which the top "punishes" the bottom and "forces" the bottom to spank him or herself. I've heard of much more extreme and strange examples, and that doesn't even include religious flagellation which is a totally different (and altogether weird) scene. 

So who gets off spanking themselves? How does that even work? And any bottom I know who've been subjected to that spanking contraption tell me it's not pleasant, enjoyable or fun. So what is the point? Am I missing something?

If any of you Kinky Friends can lend some insight into this, I'd be much appreciated. In the mean time, I think I'll stick to a hand and implements.

Below, a brief collection of spanking "machines"...

Here's an interesting way to get a spanking.

There is a whole subgenre of porn that's all machine-based fucking and spanking. Another thing that makes no sense to me.

An automated switch. This one is fascinating. It requires the receiver to pedal, a sort of paradox play in and of itself. (I particularly like the little bit of blood in this particular illustration. Nice touch.)

This is a classic. Note the blindfold. Discuss.

Even with all that technology you still need leather belts to hold your bottom in place?

Another interesting switch machine.


  1. Craig,

    It is not for me, but I do know some people in long distance D/S and M/S relationships that practice self-BDSM.


  2. It's definitely not for me; I'd rather go without. I've tried it a couple of times in the past, and not only could I not get any sort of satisfying impact, I felt embarrassed and silly.

    HOWEVER, as Joey mentioned, it can be a staple in long-distance spanking relationships. And as for people who do it without a top's instructions/input -- perhaps they are purely seeking the sensation and physical gratification, rather than the whole psychological/emotional/physical package? (or are willing to settle for the former, if they can't get the latter)

  3. As do I, joeyred51. And if it works for them, good for them! I just don't get it...

  4. Thanks, Erica. I hope I didn't come across as judging, because that certainly wasn't what I was going for. It was truly a lack of getting it at all...

  5. I've never done it myself, but I suppose if someone wanted purely the physical impact without needing any emotional connection to a person, that it could work for that purpose.

  6. I'm told the machines aren't that great at technique, Lea.

  7. I like the chick in the illustration who is pedaling ... she is doing so in high heels. It amuses me. :D

    I'd imagine there are far better ways of "punishing" a long-distance partner than self-spanking. That's just me, though. :)

  8. I'm thinking I'd more be amused watching you do so. I even have a pair of high heels I bet would fit enhance the experience. ;)

  9. I don't appreciate that kind of language on my blog, A'marie. Don't make me censor you... :-)

  10. Censor me? That's the option you'd go with?