Friday, May 25, 2012

For Your Protection

Ladies, ladies, ladies...

I realize some men like a lady who's, uh, as they say, " back." And I can imagine a truly desperate bottom/sub with an overzealous or extra-harsh dom/top looking for a little added "protection." I even can envision a lady going to her first play party like Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Florida Moonshine's Tropical Beach Party or Shadow Lane, uncertain of what to expect, considering something along these lines for some padding as a contingency plan.

But ladies (shaking head...) this is ridiculous:

Available wherever crazy bullshit is sold.


  1. I have plenty of uh.. natural padding so don't have trouble in that area. Lol. It would seem like a good idea for protection, until you realize that they'll likely be pulled down when spanked and then it's back to square one!

  2. That's true, Lea. But at a party? A girl just might get away with it!

  3. Despite my plentiful padding, I think I *need* to purchase one of these. I just want to own something named "Bump-a-Booty" ...

  4. Well, thank goodness they are tagless for comfort. Imagine how uncomfortable they'd be otherwise? I wonder if they come in printed or lace versions? Ha. Now I have the song looping through my head, "Baby's got back..."

  5. Hahahaha! Thanks for the comment, Naughty Apples.