Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spanking Robots Come to Japan

Click caption for video of delightful robotic clenching.
Okay, it's not a spanking robot per-se, but what a great headline, huh? The Japanese have been known to do a lot of crazy shit, particularly as it relates to uncanny robotics. Most of you regular readers, my Kinky Friends, know I'm a bit of a geek and love the weird kinky stuff, particularly when scifi and geekitude can come into play. Hell, I've blogged about kinky steampunk dildos, teledildonics (twice!) and robotic love dolls. But this beats them all.

The Japanese have developed a robotic butt. Without any apparent academic explanation (at least not in English). It's called Shiri, which is one of those obtuse acronyms you gotta snortle about. It stands for Buttocks Humanoid that Represents Emotions with Visual and Tactile Transformation of the Muscles (which seems more like BHREVTTM to me, but there you go). And just in case I might have missed something, I translated the acronym into Japanese and then back again, thinking it would come out with letters that spelled Shiri, but it came out as:

English to Japanese:


And back to English again:

Ass humanoid represents a visual and tactile and emotionaltransformation of muscle

Close. But no Shiri.


Shiri tightens and relaxes to convey human emotion. Again...why???

But, as always, it got me thinking...if you can't get a girl OTK or if you need some practice, why not have your own Shiri at home? Toss that robotic bum across your lap and have at it. It can clench and relax--just like a real girl! You can pop in a CD of some whining brat into the ole' home stereo for realism if you'd like, too. And in the end, when it's all said an done, the built-in Figging Port comes in handy for some much-needed release at the end of your ersatz spanking session.

Now when will these be available on Amazon?


  1. I'm rather disturbed by it all.
    Thankfully the reference to figging distracted me. :D

    I want to see a video of this in use...

  2. Ha. Thanks, A'marie. When you say "in use" do you mean as a spanking 'bot?

  3. I immediately went looking for the video after I read your post. That was hilarious. The way to test a robotic ass is with slapping, of course! It rather made my night.

  4. You can click on the image to get the video. See the caption, A'marie?

  5. Huh. Very interesting. The days of practicing caning on pillows may soon be over!

  6. Not for me, thank you! I'll do my practice on the real thing, Lea!

  7. Nope. Now that you pointed it out, I can hover and see the link. But if I click on the image I get an error, and if I'm not hovering over the link it shows white text on a white background. :)

  8. Okay, A'marie. Updated the post. Click the CAPTION.