Friday, June 29, 2012

A Quick Spanking

More fiction, Fellow Kinksters...

"Haley!" she heard him hiss from the great room. Startled, she got up from her window seat in the master bedroom where she was reading her Kindle, moving like she had been struck by lightning. 

Wide-eyed, she found Kris standing in the middle of the room, a negligee crumpled on the floor at his feet. His look was almost comical, shooting glances down at the offending piece of lingerie and up to glare at Haley. She knew better than to even stifle a laugh.

"What?" she asked, all innocence betrayed by the ever-so slight curl of smile on the corner of her mouth and the twinkle in her eyes that were a pure tell she knew she was in trouble--and liked it.

"What's this?" Kris asked, crossing his arms, playing his upset best.

" pajamas?"

"Why are there here? On the floor?" he asked, eyebrows raised.

"That's where I dropped it when I took it off when you were going to, um, you know...?" she said quietly, sheepishly.

"You're still to pick up after yourself, even after I bend you over the back of the sofa, pet." He smoldered. Haley scampered over and pick it up.

"Okay now. Done!" She did one nod of the head and turned to get out of the room as quickly as possible.

"Not. So. Fast." Haley froze. Then she felt his tight grip on her wrist as he spun her around. "You think you're going to get away with that so easily?"

"Um...I was hoping to?"

Kris grabbed a handful of hair and manhandled her over to the back of the same leather couch he had fucked her over not 12 hours earlier. "Hey!" she protested, but Kris didn't care. He yanked up her thin nightshirt, saw she was pantyless, and began a flurry of hand spanks that seemed to go on for nearly 30 minutes in all kinds of harsh varieties--rigid and firm, cupped and thuddy, the "fingertip sting" she hated so much and the dreaded "sweet spot repeat". In the end, she was red as a tomato.

"Now get up," Kris said. She got up, rubbing her bottom. "Go on with you now, I have things to do!" She practically skipped from the great room back to her window seat, their "punishment" complete.

With Haley out of the room, Kris straightened up the sofa, tucked in his shirt and turned to go grab his car keys to begin his weekend errands when his foot landed on something soft--the negligee, abandoned again on the concrete floor of the loft.



  1. My favorite. :D
    My appetite has been whetted - more more more!

    1. This is not "Chapter 1" in a series. That's it. Beginning, middle and end.

    2. Pffft.
      That could be changed. :D

    3. It could, A'marie. But it won't be.

  2. Congratulations on being Chrossed for this excellent story. It was well-deserved.


    1. Thanks, Hermione! I had no idea I got Chrossed! I appreciate the kind words.

  3. Thanks, Lea! Hope you liked. There will be more where that came from...