Friday, June 22, 2012

Restrain my sneaks?

Adidas introduced a new shoe, called JS Roundhouse Mids, on their Facebook page. Their tagline had something to do with owning shoes soo cool you had to wear rubber shackles to keep them from getting stolen. First off, lame idea to begin with. Secondly, the interwebs began flaming about the (obvious) connotations to slavery. But, with Fifty Shades of Grey so popular, this lame consumer concept got me thinking: what if BDSM items became more mainstream? Some of us remember the 70s when the ribbon choker, inspired by Victorian fashion I assume, were big--or later in the 80s when punk rock brought studded leather chokers and dog collars to the scene (and now even that is hot with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

Why not dog collars and leashes for committed couples, in public? Might be a bit difficult to get around the local mall if that idea took off, but why not? Or restraints as a fashion statement. I could see it. It's not too big of a leap to go from this:

Urban Hipster Fashion

to this: 

After all, remember this beloved cinematic character?

I know many a young lady who swooned over Edward's sensitivity and vulnerability, and only a few of those I'd call goth. 

So...could BDSM find its way into mainstream fashion? Stranger things have happened...

Sadly (though not surprisingly), Adidas pulled the peek at their upcoming shoe off their Facebook page and announced the shoe would not be appearing in stores in August as originally planned.


  1. Those sneakers were on the news last night. Shades of slavery - and not the kinky kind.


  2. I'm topical, yes Hermione. Very topical. That being said, yes, the key issue is the resonance to a different kind of slavery.

  3. Shackles aside, those shoes are just ugly. I like to think of myself as a sneaker connoisseur. ;-)

  4. The shoes are quite hideous.
    I have virtually no fashion sense but even I'm smart enough to stay far away from those sneakers.

    I'm cheesy enough to think chokers are cute, though. ;)

  5. Well, maybe there was more than one problem, Lea...

  6. There's nothing cheesy about chokers--or collars, A'marie.