Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lunch (?!) with Erica

I did not take this picture at lunch.
It was wonderful, Erica and I had a chance to get together for lunch and catch up--or so I thought. No, this is not the coy start to a spanking story (unfortunately!). We'd emailed back and forth about current events in each other's lives and we agreed it was damn time to find out what we were up to. 

So she came out to my office and we drove to lunch. Or so I thought. We got in the car and I suggested the same place we went to eat twice before--I know Erica's a creature of habit and likes the familiar. So when I suggested the place, I was surprised when Erica said, "Eh, we've been there before. Let's go to Yogurtland." "For lunch?" I asked, sputtering, like she suggested we go get a bowl of steaming dog poop. "Sure," she said, bubbly. There was a Yogurtland nearby, so we drove there. As we got close, we passed a Market City Cafe. "Oh look! Market City Cafe! I love them!" Ah, I thought, we'll get some real lunch! 

"Yes," I replied, "it's right across the street from Yogurtland. See?" Erica saw the Yogurtland. "Oh, good! There it is. So we don't have to go to Market City Cafe!" Ugh. So we parked. I obliged her penchant for frozen yogurt (or, as my kids say, froyo). We talked. We laughed. We eye-rolled. And we caught up.

It was a wonderful lunch and was a great opportunity to reconnect. But...frozen yogurt for lunch? Really, Erica???


  1. Yes, really!!!

    You neglected to mention that it was about 95 degrees outside, about 110% humidity, and real food sounded too heavy. Something cool and sweet and refreshing was just perfect. And really, what's wrong with fro-yo? It's low in fat, and if you put fruit on it (which I didn't, but oh well), it can have some nutritional value. And hey, I'm a cheap date. When was the last time you bought yourself and someone else lunch for $5.02? :-)

    It was so lovely to see you and catch up, my friend.

    1. That's true. I guess I can't complain, Erica.

  2. Erica had a GREAT idea :-)froyo is good on a very hot day,Adding chocolate to it make's it even better :-)Glad you both caught up

    1. It was very nice. Thanks for commenting, jaelyn1975.