Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You'll Get What You Deserve

I went to see Ted last night, a film by Family Guy creator, star, writer and director Seth MacFarlane. This hilariously raunchy comedy is about a boy who wishes his Christmas teddy bear comes to life--and he does. The movie takes place 30 years later when boy is a man and bear is...well...a trash-talking, pot smoking grown-up bear.

Needless to say, a woman gets in the way and two come to loggerheads. The film is hilarious, but with heart. In one impossible-to-imagine scene (and this is a bit a spoiler!) the bear and the man have an all out knock down, drag out fight. When the bear bests the man (again, hard to believe, but it happens), said man (Mark Wahlberg) in face down on the floor with a broken television beside him. The bear breaks off the antenna of the old tube tv and pulls down Mr. Wahlberg's pants and whips his ass with the antenna, leaving red lashings across his bottom!

We often talk on kink blogs about BDSM in the mainstream. Does this count?


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you concur, Saoirse. And welcome & thanks for commenting.

  2. Haven't seent the movie but did hear about the scene. Interesting. I'd watch just about anything with Mark Wahlberg involed.

    1. How about Mark Wahlberg's semi-revealed rear end, Lea?

  3. Wouldn't mind looking at that either. ;-)

  4. Mark Wahlberg whipped on the bare by another male (okay, a male teddy)? Of course that counts. Cool! Must get that video. :-)