Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Guide to Paddles

There it is. Thank you Dick's. 

An amusing little aside: out in SoCal where I live there used to be a chain of sporting goods stores called Chick's Sporting Goods. They got bought out by Dick's. No kidding. So my family and I always refer to it as "Chicks and Dicks." God, I'm so junior high...


  1. they only guide anyone on the receiving end of a paddle will need is to know that THEY HURT no matter they shape or wood or size they are. LOL. I laugh but ruefully as im sittin here rather uncomfortably as I can still feel the effects of my encounter with one from last night!!!

    1. Oh, kiwigirliegirl, don't be so whiny! You've got a lot to experience with paddles. They can be quite persistent...

  2. Some things are always funny, no matter your age. ;-)