Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life, Interrupted Part II

Lizzie, in her natural state (red).
My ex (who obviously wasn't my ex at the time) told me she was interested in going to this spanking party she heard about called Shadow Lane. This happened a little over three years ago. I wasn't quite sure why we'd be going to a spanking party. We, after all, we haughty BDSMers. Dark, brooding and serious. What's with all this brattiness? I didn't have a clue what to make of it, but if it broadened my own play opportunities (which weren't panning out so well at the time) I was interested.

I read the SL website's party suggestions and got my free membership and immediately posted a notice that my ex and I would be in attendance and we'd be interested in meeting up with other like-minded couples to play. I got one response from a young lady who was married (at the time). Her name was Lizzie. We chatted a bit online before the Memorial Day/St. Paddle's Day-themed event and coordinated a meet-up to see if the four of us were compatible. (By the way, if you Google "Shadow Lane St. Paddle's Day" the very first thing that comes up is Erica's MySpace photos from that 2009 event.)

We met up and, well, let's just say the four of us weren't able to find a way to play. We tried, but things just didn't mesh. It got to be the last day of the party and we were all up in Danny Chrighton's room, as I recall. People were flopped all over the two beds and sitting on the floor, hanging out and having a good time. I knew the only chance I'd get to play with Lizzie at this party was if I just went and played with her, rather than hoping we could get the four of us together. So I asked. She said yes. 

Nervously (well, at least I was nervous), we went back to my room, I pulled out a chair and we had a short but nice OTK scene (my second real OTK spanking experience after the first one I had the night before when Erica grabbed me by the hand, took me into the next room at a suite party and changed my life). There was an instant chemistry.

We went on to play again at FMS' Beach Party that year, the one in which I infamously asked Lizzie to put on a bustier and plaid school girl skirt and come to my room for a private scene—and gave her the wrong room number by accident! UGH!

A few months later we began to chat online. Our style, interests and philosophies of play was quite similar. We shared similar vanilla likes and dislikes. We hit it off. Soon, mutual friend and play partner Jada, Lizzie and I were inseparable at play parties. 

(One of the truly amazing and surprising gifts of the lifestyle have been the amazing friendships I've forged with like-minded people.)

Lizzie got divorced over a year and a half ago and over the last year my relationship with LIzzie has grown stronger, our interests broadened and our experiences more significant. We fell in love. Today, my amazing play partner and I share a significant relationship. We have a dynamic of love, mutual respect, kindness, sincerity and openness. She recently relocated from her home in rural (or, as I tease, super-rural) Kansas to Los Angeles to live with me. We maintain our open relationship, but it's an open relationship anchored in a domestic partnership. This is a huge—and I hate to use the term for fear of sounding like some kind of MBA wonk— paradigm shift in my life. 

I'm not only having my cake and eating it, too, I've got the whole friggin' bakery. (And yes, Erica, I realize that's another food reference.)

Hopefully this will shed some light on our forthcoming Black & Blue blog and fill in the remaining blanks on what has transpired over the last year, as first described in Part I.


  1. Thanks for sharing that with us. I look forward to reading Black and Blue, and can't wait to see that side by side format. I know that other people have wanted such a format, but it didn't seem to be available from Blogger.


    1. Helps to have a girlfriend with mad HTML skillz.

      Thanks for the kind words, Hermione.

  2. I hope this new beginning is a great one for you. Looking forward to reading your shared tales.

    1. Thanks, Lea! We are soooo close to being ready to launch! Can't wait for you to read.