Monday, November 5, 2012

Silent Scenes

A close up of the cane marks on Lizzie's bottom from
one of our first "Silent Scenes."
With Lizzie by my side we find ourselves deep in our walk-in closet on a regular basis having these odd little scenes. What kind of scenes? I've taken to calling them "Silent Scenes." Since I have kids still living at home and since our bedroom isn't soundproofed (now that would be the ultimate kinkster's dream, wouldn't it?) we have to close the bedroom door, close the closet door and move to the far end of said walk-in closet. On top of that, you can still hear sounds of slapping and whacking. I know. 

So one evening when no one was home I pulled out my (sizable) implements collection and tried each, one at a time, on Lizzie to see which were, essentially, silent. Some were obvious (canes? silent), some not (that equestrian knotted-tip riding crop? oh yeah! totally silent!). By the end, we had our cadre of implements for our Silent Scene.

Each night before bed, almost nightly, we have been doing silent scenes. One night it was all canes. Here's the result of that particular effort:

One night it was this terrible, wretched thick black rubber "rod" that Lizzie gifted to me in the hopes she'd never see it again ages ago (the one that was once described to me at a Shadow Lane party as "the scene killer" by Miss Chris). This short scene, played out in silence, left Lizzie in tears it pushed her so hard.

These near-nightly scenes have turned into their own sort of genre of scene. What can be done differently? How can we switch it up? What will be silent? The scenes all take place in the walk-in closet. They're always quiet and they're rather short. I think Lizzie is just happy to have the opportunity to get beaten so frequently. I'm pleased we can feed our kink without having to run to the dungeon to do so.

Happy times. Strange scenes. Sounds pretty normal, doesn't it?


  1. ouchie.
    I hate the cane.
    Sir loves the cane (hahah its broken right now though - need another one but its too near christmas to splurge hehehe) sssh dont tell him i said that.
    We have to be quite quiet too....we put on background noise - and try to use as silent an implement as we can...and me...well I have to not make a noise....pretty hard at times.

    1. I'm fairly certain that *I* am the loudest part of our silent scenes. I try so hard, but sometimes it is impossible.

    2. Well, we have many canes, so breaking one isn't entirely a problem. I need to replace a couple, though. One of my favorites is getting a bit of curve in it which isn't the best. Plus, Erica broke my really favorite one about two years ago and I haven't replaced it yet.

  2. It can be really hard to be quiet. Why is it that all the quieter implements are the terribly mean ones?

    1. Good question, Lea, but I beg to disagree. Some of my nastiest implements are noisy ones.

  3. mmm..happy times. I love the cane.