Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's the End of the World As We Know It

...and I feel fine.

I was talking over the weekend about the Mayans and the idea that anyone could even take the notion of the world suddenly being snuffed out in an instant utter bullshit. Someone I know was concerned that people could go crazy and do stupid stuff (i.e. murder) on Thursday because the world could end on Friday. This kind of thinking is ludicrous (avoiding parallels to recent shootings aside). 

Yes, The Flat Earth Society still exists (how I have no clue) and there are those that firmly believe that the Holocaust didn't exist, but the very idea that our little blue ball can just get snuffed out in a moment just doesn't even compute. 

So as all of you go about your day this week spanking, kinking and FetLife-ing, jut remember that whatever you do today will undoubtedly have ramifications tomorrow. 

Unless the Mayans watched the aliens load some kind of ticking time bomb into the center of the earth, I'm keeping my Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons until Saturday. I still need to get a few more Xmas gifts.


  1. I have no crazy plans myself. Hold onto those coupons!

  2. Naw. Send the coupons to me. I need a pineapple corer. ;)

    If people do crazy things on Thursday (and I'm not discounting or supporting the possibility), its not because they truly believe the world is going to end on Friday, it's because they feel they can use it as an excuse. But that's just me. :D

  3. ii am sure that no matter what, people who are of that nature will still do crazy stupid stuff on thursday because they will use the mayan prophecy as an excuse...what they fail to realize is, even if by the remoteness of possibilities December 21st is our last day on earth - they still have to face God and Judgement Day.
    But i have no such crazy plans, what will be will be and I am still planning on heading to the grocery store on Friday....lets wait and see. Im betting Ill see you all here on Monday next
    happy christmas all
    hugs kiwi xx

    1. I have this feeling it's going to be a non-event.

  4. Crazy stuff on Thursday, hmm? Let's see, I might eat more chocolate than I should, and we just might download something from Netflix.

    We're just two wild and crazy kids!