Monday, January 14, 2013

A More Demure Time

You don't have to be from another era to find certain things fascinating. I know guys who never grew up in the 50s or 60s and they find girdles, retro lingerie and vintage fashion incredibly hot. Take the ballroom dancing movement that is, in itself, it's own culture of fashion, style and attitude. Then there are the Retros, people who eschew modern life in lieu for a simpler time and fill their beautiful mid-century homes with furniture, patterned wall papers and fabrics and even appliances from a bygone time. 

There's something sexy to that demure time, when women left something to be imagined and men were more Mad Men then Jersey Shore

Though I'm all for flesh and the exposing of it in my general direction at about any time of the day or night, I also find it incredibly sexy when a woman teases, a flirtatious appearance of the top of a stocking or garter belt so very much more than a blatant baring of boobs.


  1. It can be nice to have something left to the imagination.

  2. there is something to be said for leaving something for the imagination...not so for today's younger generation. Shame really.
    Hugs kiwi x