Monday, January 28, 2013

Flash Fucktion: Collared Strapping

She crawled across the floor toward him, the leash dragging along the carpet at her side. How had she ended up in this situation? she wondered. She had wanted to please him, that's for sure. She wanted to do as he instructed. But whether she wanted to admit it or not, she wanted to be told what to do

She looked up at him standing across the room. He was a little ridiculous, standing there in his black leather vest and nothing else, but she'd never tell him that. Still, his hands on hips, his cock standing out pointing toward her, she was hungry for him—for his touch, for his pain, for his sex.

She reached him and she looked up at him, her eyes wide. "Please, sir." He didn't move, only looked down at his own foot. She looked down and he wiggled a big toe at her. Knowing what to do she bent down and sucked it. A tiny moan exited her mouth as she did and she was surprised when he grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to his cock. She wrapped her pink lips around it and took him into her mouth, pleasing him. 

Idly, he reached down and took the leash into his hands. After a few minutes he yanked the leashing, spinning her around so her bottom faced him and went back to what he was doing before—smacking her bare bottom and making it even redder. She moaned and writhed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He reached down to his discarded black jeans and pulled his thick black leather belt off the waist. 

Looping the belt, he took strapping her bottom, which she eagerly raised to him, presenting herself as best as possible and she lowered her face to the carpet. Every few strokes he'd stop to caress her bottom, dipping a finger between her legs to test her wetness, then continue back to the strapping. Long, horizontal red stripes covered her bottom from her tailbone to her sweet spot and when he saw one side was redder than the other he'd move to her other side to gain even coverage.

By the time he was done strapping her, she was panting from absorbing the pain and he was sweating from the exertion. Later, the two of them side by side under the covers in the cold bedroom, reveling in their shared body heat, he grabbed the ring on her collar, drawing her face close to him and causing her eyes to pop open widely. "What?" she whispered.

"Did you like your strapping, slut?" he asked her.

"Yes, sir," she replied, "I did." She thought about it a moment before whispering into his ear. "And I hope you do it again tomorrow."

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  1. I very much like this one.
    Of course, though, I think I'm relatively outspoken in my fervid approval of your writing. ;)

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    1. Welcome to the blog, Renee Rose. Thanks for commenting. Hope you come back.