Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flash Fucktion: Waiting Upstairs

He was ready for her. The implements were out in his special room off the master bath. (Once, it had been a "hers" in a "his and hers" master bedroom closet set.) The room had been converted to a small dungeon, complete with tile-lined walls and floor, drain in the middle, metal D-rings that had been tied to the studs before the waterproof lining and tile went in. A plumber had asked him what the point was and He had made some remark about a wheelchair-bound in-law moving in, but later He realized how dumb that was. The master bedroom was on the second floor. C'est a vie. 

He had her custom leather and purple suede-lined restraints already clipped to the D-rings. A fold-out shelf was lined with implements ranging from a red leather dragon tongue to paddles of various sorts to vampire gloves. He had texted her earlier and told her to be prompt. He also told her to remove her clothes in the car, so she'd be forced to go from the driveway to the house completely naked. It was dark, so he wasn't worried about random strangers seeing her, it was more the mind fuck of the erotic humiliation.

Just then he heard the doorbell ring downstairs. He looked at the clock on the wall outside the dungeon room. She was right on time. He moved at a leisurely pace, taking it slow as he headed downstairs. He wanted her to have to stand outside, under the front entry light, squirming at her nakedness as he knew she would. He got to the door, unlatched it, and opened it slightly, looking out. "Please...!" she pleased, standing in the light completely nude. He eyed her sexy form. She held a small gym bag under one arm, her feet fidgeting like a small girl.

"Do you want to come in?" he asked, keeping the door open only a few inches. 

"Yes! Please?" she begged. He opened the door wide and let her in, closing it behind him and eying her up and down hungrily. She leaned in for a kiss, but he ignored the move and took the bag from her, setting it aside in the entry. 

"Upstairs..." He pointed. He got a glint in his eye, watching her sexy derrière as she nearly ran up the stairs. He joined her in the short hallway outside the dungeon-slash-closet eyes burning into hers. "Are you ready?" he asked huskily. She looked down at the floor, aware she was already getting wet, and nodded. 

He led her into the cool tile room, carefully wrapping the restraints around her wrists and ankles, tightening them just so, until she was spread eagled and standing in the middle of the room, her arms stretched wide out at shoulder height. He took a cane off the shelf and traced the tip of it along her lips, her breasts, her belly--then he walked around behind her and without warning or warm up lashed out and smacked her bottom six times in succession, each stinging impact progressively harder than the last. By the sixth, she nearly screamed out in the small room.

"Now I have your attention."