Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Gets You Off?

Rarely do I talk about straight sex on this site (hmm...have I talked about sex at all on here? sure I must've). But I was thinking about things that get me off, things that are just hardwired into me that when that button is pushed I get just...well...excited.

Things like this:

Just the simple hint of an ass cheek peeking out from beneath a pair of short-shorts. Hot. Gets me every time.

Or this: How can you not love a moment when a pair unfettered breasts, particularly those with lovely hardened nipples point your way?

Lizzie is an unadulterated exhibitionist. She loves to flaunt what she's got. Not so much as a tease (though I think she loves to do that, too) but just as a means of showing off. If she could, she'd be risqué (or naked) most of the time. Those nipples... 

Then there's this:

The Catholic School Girl. Always a classic. Slutty or innocent. A hot mess or cute. Aggressive or shy. Anyway I can get it, the Catholic School Girl could 

This, of course, also leads to...

...another archetype: the lolita. Of course, "Lolita" refers to Nabokov's famous book and infamous Roman Polanski film of the same name about a hebephile in love and in a sexual relationship with an underage girl.

Like the Catholic School Girl look, the innocent Lolita or cocksure pretend innocent is another fairly typical desire. 

Oddly, I'm not into ageplay at all, but a girl, adopting the mode of young innocent in trouble, makes for a great roleplay scene. "Lolita" has taken on its own meaning in Japan where girls dress up in frilly, short-skirted outfits. It's become it's own Harajuku/cosplay genre there. Even a brand of Lolita™ clothing.

Next on my Get Off list is:

Any kind of BDSM imagery, particularly when it involves power exchange, erotic humiliation or submission.

A woman in bondage? Hot. A woman being punished (to her liking), even hotter. I remember when some friends at the Lair turned me onto a fantastic DVD title of hot, hardcore BDSM/sex. I still enjoy that title, Fashionistas. BDSM, giving pain and sex, functioning seamlessly, are a perfect thing to me, though with most people I play with the sex part is omitted.

The erotic power exchange. Beautiful.

Then I'll throw in a couple of odd ones. I love women. I love almost everything about them. I love kind of all of a woman. But here are a few, ahem, subgenres that really tickles my fancy:

Why these? Couldn't tell you. But over the years, they've been recurring themes. Makes me twitchy. Love it. Just love it.

You might think it's weird I listed out what gets me off. Okay. Cool. I don't really care.

So let me go down the list of what LIzzie has pulled off for me thusfar:

Ass cheek shorts (that I bought for her, then she started going crazy buying her own...): check

Braless tops, hard nipples: check

Catholic School Girl uniform: definitely check! (Oh, yeah!)

Lolita outfit: check

Power Exchange? Bondage? BDSM? Check, check, check.

Uh...getting off watching Fashionistas with me: check

Superfuckinghot cameltoe: check

Beautiful, full, puffy, perky breasts: check

So 10 for 10. Not bad. Not bad at all. Thanks my pet for providing me with all the fantasies I've had thus far. We've got a lot more to go. But that's yet another post, isn't it?

Better yet, Fellow Kinkster: what gets you off?


  1. cool pics even as a woman i can appreciate a hot looking woman. what gets me off...seriously right now any time spent with my sir not arguing would do the trick...nightshift sery sucks

    1. Ugh. Well, hopefully the schedule will get better, kiwigirliegirl.

  2. Power exchange scenarios can be very hot.