Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sex Amusement Park? Yes please!

Who doesn't love the idea of a sex amusement park? Well, the South Koreans do. They flock to "Love Land" on Jeju Island, evidently. Jeju is known as a wedding/honeymoon paradise, so the idea of a Love Land to get the ball rolling just makes sense...I guess. More a garden with statues that a park with attractions, rides and shows, Love Land is, uh, interesting.

Five lascivious Korean women go on the only "ride" in the park...

An "exhibit" on car sex...I guess.

An interactive display on the urinary tract? Golden showers? I'm a
little unclear on this one.

Who needs a fireworks show?

Even the handles on the bathroom doors are multifunctional.

So if you ever find yourself on Jeju Island, head on over to Love Land. Who knows? Maybe some day they'll open Kink World. I can just see the rides now... Crack the Whip, Top Spin, Dom Mountain and much, much more.


  1. Interesting. Where do you find these things?

    1. hunting for work...