Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Xray Hand"

So recently I read about slapping a girl's inner or outer thigh so hard it leaves a long-lasting red mark. I've done this for ages but didn't know it was a "thing." So I told Lizzie about it last weekend when we were driving around doing errands and she had shorts on. Nearing our lunch destination (where we were meeting my kids) we decided to give it a go.  At the stoplight I lined up, raised by hand and whack! One single blow, as hard as I could muster in my midsize SUV.

Within seconds the red mark of my hand raised up on the flesh of her inner thigh. But then, something else appeared. Something odd. You could see the bones of my fingers and hand, as plain as day, in white like a stencil within the red of my hand. Once Lizzie stopped seeing stars and finished little o's of breath, we both looked in curious wonder at this:

So I've decided to dub this "Xray Hand." It's my gift to you girls. Anyone want an Xray Hand need only ask when they see me in person at a party or private event. I'll gladly put one on your inner or outer thigh.


  1. That's amazing. I wonder if Ripley would be interested in the photo.


    1. Check with them, Hermione. I don't think they have a kink category, however.

  2. Ouch is what I think when I look at the pic!