Sunday, November 17, 2013

FLASH FUCTION: Submissively She Waits

The text came through to her phone:


She looked at the clock on the microwave: 6:12. She had time to get ready. She quickly showered and changed in tight black lacy panties and a sexy white corset. By now it was almost 6:45. She went to the end of the bed, kneeled with her arms behind her, presenting her breasts for when he got home. 

Time seemed to slow and she waited for what felt like forever, but when she looked at the clock it was 6:52. She was surprised at how little time had gone by. Still, she did not hear his car come up the driveway. A few moments later, as her mind wandered to what he might have in mind for this evening, she heard the unmistakable sounds of his SUV pulling up beside the bungalow. She shifted her weight, trying to get the kinks out. "Kinks out," she thought. "Ha!"

The door to the kitchen opened and she heard him come in, dropping his briefcase by the island as was his custom. He came down the hall and into the bedroom. She heard him and felt the energy in the room change, but couldn't see him. He went to the closet. She could hear him taking things out of the cedar chest where they kept all their implements, sorted into different stacking bins based on type and use (anal play: left, sensation: middle, restraint: right, etc.). He came back out of the closet and walked up behind her.

The hairs on the back of her neck tingled. Her skin felt electrified, goosebumps rising on her flesh. Her nipples hardened beneath the soft fabric of the corset. She could hear him breathing, shifting his weight as he...what?...looked at her? 

A hand roughly grabbed her by the hair, yanking her backwards and pulling her off her balance. She tumbled to the floor with a yelp. He unzipped his pants and shoved his already hard cock into her mouth, pulling the leather nanny paddle from his pocket and proceeding to reach around her to smack her bottom as she eagerly sucked on him. He shoved his balls into her mouth, pushing her body around to gain better access to her pussy. He slapped her legs apart and used the paddle on her sensitive lips. She mewed and moaned in pleasure and pain, suckling him as he smacked her.

Still, not a word had been spoken.

He pulled away, grabbed her torso and lifted her up until she was on all fours. He reached an arm around her waist to hold her in place and spanked her bottom again and again with both his hard, rough hand and the nanny paddle until her bottom was bright red and warm. As best she could she turned her head to one side to try to gain access to his cock to suck on him as he beat her. 

The seemed to go on forever. Spanking, sucking, smacking. At one point, she was on her back on the fur rug at the base of the bed as he slapped her breasts again and again. She whimpered and cried out. Her breasts and pussy were as red as her bottom. He revealed a new toy: a carbon fiber cane. Spinning her around onto her belly he smacked her bottom again and again. The angle was bad. He was hitting more on one side than the other, but he didn't change his position for the longest time. Finally, he shifted to the other side of her and brought the stingy cane down again and again on the other cheek, evening her out. 

Then he went back to spanking her with his hand again, generally speaking the most painful "implement" he used. Finally, he pulled her back onto all fours and, with her nearly dripping between her legs, plunged into her with his full, stiff cock. He fucked her hard, pounded deep into her, grinding himself into her, taking her the way he pleased.

When he was finished, her bottom still hot from the spanking, the two of them panting in exhaustion and exhilaration, he got up, towering over her. She turned onto her side to look up at him, the golden light of evening shifting to a darker twilight. 

"Get dressed," he said, the first words out of his mouth since getting home an hour earlier. "We have dinner down the street. When you get ready, put in the remote vibrating egg. I have some plans for some delicious erotic humiliation to go with our meal." 

She felt her insides tingle all over again in anticipation...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Love Our Lurkers

Well, since Black & Blue, my side-by-side blog with Lizzie started a year or so ago, it's been hard for me to do a posting every week there (well, okay—nearly every week) and keep with up with a separate voice—and content—on this site. So here we are at another Love Our Lurkers day. 

If you're lurking here you're probably bored...or reading old posts. Nonetheless, I want to take a moment to thank you for lurking...and reading. Because if you're here you're probably also visiting Black & Blue. So in either case, with either blog, I appreciate you hanging out, reading and in your own way participating through your pageviews and clicks.

I promise as soon as I have something unique to say that's different from what's going on at Black & Blue I'll post. And when I have time to write some new spanking smut you can be sure I'll put it right here.

Thanks again, lurkers. And everyone else.