Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Love Our Lurkers

Well, since Black & Blue, my side-by-side blog with Lizzie started a year or so ago, it's been hard for me to do a posting every week there (well, okay—nearly every week) and keep with up with a separate voice—and content—on this site. So here we are at another Love Our Lurkers day. 

If you're lurking here you're probably bored...or reading old posts. Nonetheless, I want to take a moment to thank you for lurking...and reading. Because if you're here you're probably also visiting Black & Blue. So in either case, with either blog, I appreciate you hanging out, reading and in your own way participating through your pageviews and clicks.

I promise as soon as I have something unique to say that's different from what's going on at Black & Blue I'll post. And when I have time to write some new spanking smut you can be sure I'll put it right here.

Thanks again, lurkers. And everyone else.


  1. Hi Craig,

    Happy LOL 8 day! I'm still a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. I totally understand that keeping two blogs running is a whole heap of work. I struggle with one!


  2. Well, evidently you're doing a better job than I am! Thanks for checking in!

  3. For me, the difficulty is negotiating the line between not revealing too much personal information while still saying enough to keep myself (and others) interested. :) Sometimes I write several posts at once and then schedule them ahead of time.

    Nice to meet you. :)

    1. Good idea. Nice to meet you too, Anastasia. Thanks for writing.