Sunday, February 9, 2014

My First Wax Scene

I've performed plenty of wax scenes. I'm talking about the first wax scene done to me. This was a real change for me. I wasn't sure what to expect. I was full of trepidation. I had been told it'd be amazing, life-changing, blissful. My scene took place at a local nail salon.

Lizzie convinced me to go get a manicure. She seemed to really want me to do this, so I agreed. Before I knew it, I'd been in a chair for 20 minutes having stuff done to my fingers, lotion applied to my forearms and other solvents, solutions and salves rubbed on my hands and nails for no clear reason, as far as I could tell.

Hot stones were used to massage my forearms and then the wax... Baggies of liquid wax were produced and my hands shoved inside. The bags were wrapped tight around my wrists and my hands stuffed into terry cloth mitts, like a friggin' kitty cat furry, or something. 

Wax congealed, the bags removed, my "scene" was over. 

Someone explain this to me. I can be home and clip my nails myself. If I have a snag I use a nail file to smooth it out. I do this in about five minutes. For free. At the nail place I waited about 30 minutes (Lizzie assures me that if we went during the week this would not be a problem so I'm willing to discount this particular inconvenience). The whole nail experience lasted well over an hour. Of course, that isn't an apples-for-apples thing. There were the stones and the wax and the salves, too. But at the end of all that I was $35 lighter, I'd lost most of my Saturday afternoon and my nails looked about the same (to me, anyway).

Lizzie assured me that they were transformed and with my hangnails gone my hands would be so much smoother when I used them to do...well...naughty things. Hmmm. Naughty things. Maybe the money was well spent after all.


  1. I think Lizzie should have taken you to the back room for a *real* wax scene. I'm sure a landing strip would complement leather quite nicely :)


  2. Uh, I don't think so, SpankCake. But thanks for the comment nonetheless.