Monday, May 31, 2010

Beaches, Bitches and Bottoms

(Okay, skip the "bitches" part--I just liked the alliteration.)

It's only a few short days to Florida Moonshine's Beach Party in Saint Pete Beach, Florida. Last week, the groups on FL were flyin'. Now, it's quieter. Perhaps it's the three day weekend. Perhaps it's all the ladies figuring out what to pack.

Gia Belle, my lovely bride, is lobbing volleys of email back and forth with friends, tops, bottoms and switches, preparing for a busy weekend. I've been chatting with my closest scene friends working out details of our play, communicating with new friends about getting together and playing. I've enjoyed the banter on FL (most of the time). It's been great talking to new folks I can't wait to meet.

I've got my implements laid out, ready to load into my travel bag. We leave early Thursday morning from Los Angeles, arriving in Tampa in the early evening, a quiet Thursday night, probably some light play with our closest friends, relax, and then we'll be ready to go Friday for the big ramp-up to all the fun.

If you're going, see you in Florida! If you're not, I'll be telling you all about it in my post-party Top Report.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Open Letter to Brats

I'm long overdue for a blog entry, so before I get going with my pre-party discussions, I thought I'd send this along to my many friends in the spanko community insistent on bratting me online.

Dear Brats:

Before we meet in Tampa, let me remind you of a few things about me:
  1. I hate bratting. I don't hate intelligent arguments, the egging-on of individuals, a good bit of passive/aggressive behavior in the name of fun, but I hate bratting. "What's the difference?" you whine, stamping a foot down like Clever Hans. The difference is very clear to me. Bratting is this whiny, childlike annoyance. I don't think it's very becoming on grown women. Further, I have had four children, now mostly grown up. Over the last 23 years I've heard plenty of whining. I don't want to pay to fly across the country to be with a bunch of adults to hear more childish, lip-pouting Peewee Herman screeches. Does that make me a bad person?
  2. As stated above, I love good mental sparring, witty repartee and some good old fashioned verbal abuse, all in the name of a fun scene. Which is different than bratting. Make a mental note.
  3. Bratting is not foreplay to a scene. Bratting is foreplay to scenekill.
  4. If you're not sure the difference between bratting and mental sparring, intelligent arguments, etc., see #3 above.
  5. There's a HUGE difference (in my mind) between what goes on via ASCII and what comes screeching out of mouths in person. To me, most of that egging-on online is great, just so long as I can't hear it.
If you're into what I'm into, we'll have a great time. I received a very nice email from someone coming to FMS who said she'd read my activity recently on FetLife. She stated my sternness and consternation was really getting all up in her headspace. That's great. I'll get verbally toppy any day of the week.

If anyone doesn't understand the difference here, just email me. I'll fill you in.

Unfortunate Advertising

Along the same vein as my tree post...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekend in NYC

Had a great weekend in NYC last weekend. Gia and I played twice (thank God for hotels away from kids!) in one weekend. That never happens! Cindy also set up a play date with a friend of ours we typically only see at spanking parties, so that was great for her. Great food, good friends, fun entertainment. It was a hell a whirlwind weekend. Got about 12 hours of sleep over three days (had to get up at 3:30 am PDT to fly out Friday, got to bed at 1:30 am EDT Friday night, went to bed at 6:30 am EDT Sunday morning and got up at 9:30 EDT Sunday to go the airport). So much for relaxing weekends...

As Gia always says, "You can sleep when you're dead."

That pretty much sums up our party weekends, too. With FMS' Beach Party just around the corner, better get my sleep in now whilst I can...

Tree Fucking. New Kink?

This just made me laugh.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brief Musing: Off to NYC

My wife, Gia Belle, and I are going to New York for the weekend. Saturday, during the day, Gia is playing with a friend we see and hang out with at many of the spanking parties. Should be a fun weekend...

Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Scene

Friday night was a very special night for me. I went to the Lair, our local dungeon, which I've written about extensively in the past. The first Friday of the month is Conquest, a male dom/female sub only night, hosted by The Society of Monarchs. My wife, Gia Belle, and I had made plans to play there. Each Conquest the Monarchs host a demonstration, and this one featured Silventar in a bit of wrestling with his young lady, each going at it on the floor--and by "going at it" I mean wrestling.

Soon, a few others were down on the mat post-demo, so the main room was out. We went to the room off the kitchen, but it was being set up for a scene. The bedroom, typically sealed tight, was open, so Gia and I set up in there, with a padded sawhorse our furniture of choice. I laid out my implements on the bed and soon we were on our way to a great scene.

I used a wide compliment of toys--floggers, canes, paddles, short tail whip--and a whole lot of sensation play (vampire gloves, vibro-glove, fur, knives, teeth). After a while, I put her into suspension cuffs and had her up vertical attached to the bed frame, continuing with the vampire gloves, floggers and fur, finishing up with a wicked paddling that literally lifted her off the ground.

Fun times.

We don't get a chance to play much. Since Gia's a switch she's in high demand on both top and bottom sides, and at home, with kids about, that simply doesn't work. So Friday was a great treat. It was certainly wonderful to get my hands on her (in that way) again.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boardwalk Badness Report: Day 4 (Better Late Than Never)

(Note: It's been a really busy week at work, with a lot of activities after-hours. My excuse for not getting this fourth and last day of the Boardwalk Badness Report complete, but I feel better late than ever, eh?)

With rain drizzling outside, the last day of Boardwalk Badness ended with a bang: Strict Dave's Court. People could submit court cases to the judge to put on the docket and then Dave would call up the plaintiff and defendant and have them argue the case. No "hung jury" here. Dave doesn't rule as though every case will end with corporeal punishment. He's oddly fair and insists on both logic and reason. Each case on the docket came up and stated their reason for being there. Dave runs a tight ship, evenly handing out justice that just as frequently ended up with a top performing "personal services" for a specific amount of time to the bottom as a bottom getting a spanking or strapping on stage.

With that, BBW was over. Everyone meandered downstairs to the diner (ugh! that limited menu! the only restaurant in the hotel! no more waffles!!!) for brunch/lunch. Soon, some folks were packed up and heading out of Atlantic City. Others (like us) were leaving Monday, so we hung out, relaxed and enjoyed the cool, rainy day.

Before long, people were heading up to private play. Eventually, the rain let up and I decided to go for an afternoon run down the Boardwalk, my last chance before leaving the next day. Not a quarter mile down the planks it started to drizzle again, and by the time I reached the end of the Boardwalk I was soaked, worried my iPhone would get wet all along the way. As I returned to The Chelsea, it started to get dark, and started to get colder and colder. By the time I finished my run, I was freezing, wet and likely borderline hypothermic.

The phone rang. It was a friend wanting to know how the weekend went. As I explained, pacing outside the hotel so I wouldn't lose my signal, soaked and cold, I saw Miss Chris and Sarah Gregory. They waved, I waved. I tried to explain--outside the plate glass window--who I was talking to with stupid hand signs and trying to write backwards on the window. Later, as I was warming up in the shower, I realized I must've looked like a lunatic--dripping wet in running shorts and short sleeve shirt, talking on the phone, waving my arms. Sheesh. Think, Craig. Think.

That night, we went up to HL & Sass' suite to see what was going on and the SSNY folks were kind enough to open up one of their suites, even though the party was officially over. Had fun with Lizzie and then gave Sass her birthday spanking (it was her birthday that day!). I laid her down on the bed and asked her how many spankings I should give her (too gentlemanly to ask her her age). She said "21." I got to 21 strokes and said, based on my simple judgement, that I would give her an additional eight just to "even things up." We laughed about all that through some really wicked spanks and then she asked for a few more! Ha!

I'd wandered up with a thick bamboo rod at my side, the length of a cane but about one inch or more thick. Jada calls it the "flag pole." She hates it. That's why I use it. It's not for everyone and it's certainly not something to just start whacking girls with willy-nilly. I had brought it for a purpose (unfortunately, a purpose that didn't quite work out), but when Sass saw it she cooed, "Oooooh! Thuddy!" and insisted I use it on her. Damn, that girl really took a whacking with that "flag pole." Thanks, Sass! Nothing more satisfying for me than to really cut loose with that wicked hunk of wood.

The party continued on, quiety, with people sipping wine. I was pretty much shot by Sunday night and soon was off to bed. Trying to sleep, I woke up a few hours later and realized I had been counting in my sleep. Why the hell am I counting, I wondered? Oh, damn. Now I wished I didn't have connecting rooms with Jada and Lizzie, because through the no-insulation doors connecting our rooms I could hear a bedtime spanking going on. Through the wall I could hear the smacks and I was counting them, like sheep, in my sleep. I am fairly OCD with my scenes. Every stroke met with an equal counterstroke. Everything evenly numbered and paced. In my sleep, I think I realized the person in the other room was spanking off-numbers. One cluster of spankings ended at 47. The next, 64. The one after, 23. WTF??? Who can spank like that? I wondered. It's not even. It's not 50, 65 or 25. I got more and more frustrated because the spanker wasn't counting strokes, because the spanking wasn't letting me sleep and because, worse of all, I was counting the goddam things in my head and it was annoying me. Sheesh! Stop alphabetizing the book collection by chronological release date you Virgo and go to sleep! Stop naming all the freeway exits--in order--from your house to work (a 38 mile drive, I must add) and go to sleep! Shit!

The next morning Gia and I packed up, headed off to Philly International and before we knew it, we were back home, in the Real World again, another fantastic party experience complete.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boardwalk Badness Report: Day 3

So far, you've had a chance to read what went on the first two days of SSNY's Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City. Here's my report on Day 3:

Saturday began with a complimentary breakfast. I have no idea what happened there, because this guy slept in after a night of fun and spanking. I did make it to the Tanner Reformatory. A group of schoolgirls were marched into this "Scared Straight" presentation, then a group of about eight "inmates" were brought in, each wearing Tanner Reformatory grey, shapeless dresses, each appearing very contrite.

The inmates were brought up on charges, some of which included multimedia surprises (video of Jules smoking "pot" in a reformatory broom closet, talking shit about staff, a hilarious JibJab video of the guys created by inmates Lizzie & Jada. Hilarious. Each were brought up, read the charges and punished, a gauntlet of four people each delivering a different type of punishment, ending in Miranda, in a cop uniform, delivering the strap on a bench to each criminal.

The scenario ended with a twist, Miranda being one of the "criminals" herself and Miss Criss coming in to punish Miranda herself. It was all quite fun.

There was a lunch in the lounge, but dry meat sandwiches on white bread just wasn't my thing. Further, I was in a bad headspace that day. Nothing the party had done to me, something unrelated. BUt I was out of sorts, not really feeling like engaging. I'd already told two of my private play "appointments" that I was likely out of the game for a while, so I went for a walk down the Boardwalk in search of a different lunch option.

I love frozen custard, something you simply cannot find away from the East Coast, and there, outside one of the casinos, was a frozen custard stand. Not really lunch, but I grabbed a tiny cup of chocolate and savored the umame.

Back at the hotel, lots of other things were going on. SSNY were offering professional video shoots to players. There was a male bottom spanking session. Both I took a pass on, so the afternoon was free.

Saturday night was another spanking party, this one with dinner and entertainment. Dinner was a "Taste of the Boardwalk" with clam chowder and soft pretzels, hoagies, seafood salad sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza and more. The entertainment consisted of karaoke, and yours truly signed up to sing. I did alright, doing my rendition of "Human" by The Killers, one of my favorite bands. I thought it was hilarious that one of the lyrics is " hands are cold." It was Spanking American Idol (or something like that) so they had three judges, each playing one of the famous judges from the show. Richard Windsor was Simon, Pixie was Paula (doing a hilarious impression of the "nice judge") and Miss Chris saying "Dawg, dawg" every time like Randy.

Each singer had to bring a spankee on stage. If the singer got thumbs down by the judges, the spankee got the spanking machine. I hauled Jada up on stage and she looked a bit distressed. "Don't worry," I said. "You should be okay." They judges game me the seal of approval and Jada was off the hook. In the end, there were plenty more talented than I, plus, I think I didn't really pick a crowd favorite. My song was rather obscure for the demographic, so who knows if I did it justice or not? Still, I had fun.

During the evening I took a few beautiful ladies into the next room for a good spanking. After a glass of wine I was feeling a bit more my old self again, so I thought I'd start with a few casual encounters.

Later, we were up in the suites, hanging out with HL & Sass and others. I had scheduled a private play session with Lizzie and now that I was feeling up to it, I whisked her away and we had a fun, light and great scene. I went back upstairs to the penthouse suites and hung out a bit longer, doing some fun spankings in the bedrooms off the suite living rooms.

A bit of a roller coaster of a day, but in the end, I was back in a good mindset and had fun.

Coming soon...Day 4.