Monday, September 26, 2011

Back in the U.A.E.

So I'm off to the UAE again. In case you don't take notes, this means I'm going to a land where websites such as mine (and Erica's, and Chross', and Shadow Lane, and FetLife...) are blocked. So no updates for the next week. From there, I'll be in Europe where uncensored and unfettered content delivery over the internet is easily accessible...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thanks for the Chrosses!

In the last two weeks or so my blog has been Chross'd twice! Thanks, Chross for the linkage. It is most sincerely appreciated.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Chocolate

I was trolling the internet the other day and came across a chocolatier who only sells finely crafted chocolate cocks. Each hard 8-inch dick are filled with things like mint fondant or liqueur, so sucking on one would definitely fill your mouth with creamy goodness. 

But if you want to stuff your mouth with one of these hard cocks you may choke. Each cost €89 (about $123!). Man, you'd best love cock at that price! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OK GO, Pilobolus and Spanking

What do the band OK Go, the avant-garde dance troupe Pilobolus and spanking have in common? Well, my cleverness for one thing and this interactive video, playable only from Google's Chrome browser for another. Pilobolus, best known for their shadow imagery of bodies making other shapes (like cars).

Well, in the case of this video, you get to enter a message at the start. The surprise--SPOILER ALERT!--is at the end the video you see your message spelled out in bodies. Pretty damn cool! Check it out for yourself (be forewarned: you MUST have Google's Chrome browser!).

Of course, here's what I did:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shadow Lane Report Part 2

Saturday of Shadow Lane began too quickly. I was exhausted. Jet lag from my trip to the Middle East really had me in its grip. I couldn't sleep enough. So I went for a walk late in the morning after getting coffee. It was already mid-90s out. I'd run in hotter weather, but I was glad when I got back. I showered, dressed and went down to see Lizzie where we had another great scene.

(I asked Lizzie if I could write this next part, so with her permission I'll continue...)

Lizzie really doesn't like Saturday's dinner/dance. It reminds her too much of proms and unsuccessful dances. Unpopularity. Last year, she was in a bit of a state I remember comforting her and putting her to bed early, tucking her in and making sure she was sleeping comfortably before going back to a suite party. So this year I promised her she wouldn't have to do that. I didn't know what we'd figure out, but I knew we would.

In the end, we drove to the Strip in a cab and had dinner at one of the few sidewalk caf├ęs around. We went to a show, took a cab back, the party just ended. I was happy to have missed the evening myself, being completely wiped out with jet lag and, to be honest, a bit melancholy in light of my mother's passing. 

I realize at this point my trip report is getting rather boring, not a lot of spanking going on here. So just because I feel badly about that, here's a gratuitous shot of Lizzie's bottom:

Sunday began and I had work to do. Afterward I went for a run in the fitness center. I got invited to lunch with CeeCee and Lizzie and some folks from the UK and Ludwig and Kaelah from Germany and of the blog Rohrstockpalast

After that, I wasn't feeling like doing much. I'd finished my mother's memorial service a little more than a week before, then had to fly directly to the Middle East and went straight to work, came back and left for Vegas. Sitting in our suite I had time to myself to think. Which wasn't necessarily a good thing (sorry to be a downer, folks!).

Eventually it was dinner time and John and Erica, Beth, Lizzie, Brad and I walked down the road from the Sun Coast to PF Changs. I had walked it the day before and remembered it not being far, so I told the group that it was likely about a quarter mile away. When we left, around 6 pm, it was still 95 out. And it was further than I remembered, more like half a mile. Erica was almost overcome with heat (she herself admits John calls her delicate like a hot house flower!). We got there and had a lovely dinner. At one point it occurred to me: each of the women sitting at the table were the only women (other than my wife) I'd played with at my local dungeon, the Lair de Sade. Each of these women were women I cared for greatly (Jada! Wish you were here!) and who had been very compassionate and kind to me. It was kind of great. And, unbeknownst to each of them, I got very embarrassed at one point with the thought that I was the only guy at the table who'd played with all three. We laughed, had fun, told stories. It was nice catching up with Erica, getting a chance to chat about her book, life, New Guy. It was a sweet dinner. It lifted my spirits, that.

Erica and Beth didn't care for the idea of walking back home. Fortunately, Brad had driven to meet us there and he took John, Erica and Beth back. I wanted to walk, clear my head, and Lizzie was kind enough to join me. We took our time, strolling back to the Sun Coast. However, on the way back, both of us began feeling ill. By the time we were in the hotel I had full-on tummy rumbles and Lizzie was doing worse. 

Monday began and I realized I was looking forward to going home. I went down, saw Lizzie and gave her a good morning/farewell spanking that started OTK with me giving it my all, hitting her with all I had in me. My hand was eventually spent, a good end to a rather short weekend. 

It was time to pack and I met up with Beth and Lizzie at the shuttle and we drove to the airport together. Lizzie was able to get an earlier flight and had to rush to the plane and before too long Beth and I were flying back together, melancholy in the fact we didn't know when we'd play next.

I was happy to be home when I got in on Labor Day. Home. My bed. Relaxation. Again, not a great Shadow Lane report, but there you go. As I say "IIWII" (It Is What It Is).

Randomly, here's a shot of Lizzie from Friday's Vendor Fair, a little out of sequence here, because I was too lazy to blur her face when I wrote Part 1. Don't you love her outfit? Adorable!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shadow Lane Party Report Part 1

Thursday: Arrived in Vegas Thursday afternoon and discovered Beth was in the airport awaiting the shuttle to the Sun Coast. Gia and I offered for her to join us in the cab. Soon we were out of the heat enjoying lunch at the TGI Fridays on property (if enjoying is really the right word for a TGI Fridays). The afternoon turning into night and we found ourselves at dinner at the hotel's Mexican restaurant with Brad, Brad's lovely (albeit temporarily handicapped) wife, Beth, Beth's good friend CeeCee and Lizzie.  I had brief spanking scenes with both Lizzie and Beth in the afternoon/evening. Later we were up at Joe's party (Joe: way to go on an excellent series of parties--well stocked, excellently coordinated--the place to be!)

Had dealt with an odd gentleman (no, okay, he squarely fit into the creeper category) earlier in the day. I'd been in Lizzie's room when he knocked on the door. He was soliciting play--literally! Like a door-to-door salesman! At Joe's party there he was again, this time hovering around Beth & CeeCee like a fruit fly. I intervened, seeing they were both a bit annoyed at his invading-their-space proximity. Beth is Asian (you'd never know from her blurred face photos on my blog but trust me, she is) and this guy asks me, and I quote: "So is the Chinese girl Chinese?" Huh? "I'm proud of my heritage and I let people know where I'm from but some of these second and third generation people just say they're Americans." What the hell, dude. I replied curtly, "I don't know, you should ask her" knowing full well he just had and she had replied "American." Anyway...Creepers. Still can't figure them out at these things.

Friday: Coffee, had to do some work for, uh, work, went for a run on the treadmill then had a great scene with Lizzie somewhere in there that went on for a while and was a lot of fun in its intensity. We almost always have amazing scenes. I know deep down Lizzie is a spanko and I love to just give her a good solid spanking scene every now and then (rather than my usual hybrid spanko/BDSM scenes). I pulled out my paddles (wood, leather), canes and then unfurled (if that's the right word) my belt to give her a good strapping (and it was a good strapping!). 

In the afternoon I went to play with Beth. CeeCee was her roommate and she's a hoot. In the middle of the scene I picked up a leather London Tanner paddle and there, beneath it was a note from CeeCee. It absolutely stopped the scene because I began laughing my ass off. Beth looked up to inquire and I had to show her. We both got a good chuckle out of that. Well played, CeeCee!  During the scene I had used my vampire gloves on Beth and left them on the bed after using them. Beth was scurrying around on the bed (likely trying to get away from me after putting her hands over her bottom, a big no-no!) and, unbeknownst to me, smacked her to squarely on one of those spiky gloves. 

Here is the net result:

Ultimately I left a lasting impression on Beth:
Later it was time for the Vendor Fair and I was happy to purchase a few items certain to torture my favorite play partners. Last year I had been pacing like a caged lion at the Vendor Fair awaiting an opportunity to pounce on Lizzie as we had arranged a take-down scene. This year, with my mother passing away a little over two weeks prior to the party and having just gotten home from the Middle East but 36 hours prior to Shadow Lane I really was feeling more like crawling into bed at home than going to Vegas and playing. My head just wasn't in the game I'm sorry to say.

Ended up the night at Joe's suite party again where I played with three of my favorite play partners: Erica, Beth and Lizzie, all for the delight of the party's onlookers, I'm sure. It was a delight to have Erica across my lap again and it was fun to see the smile of pure joy on her face as we played. It's been too long, hon (my fault, not yours!). Beth and I had a fun, furious bit of OTK in the suite--very intense and, as Beth would say, hurty. Lizzie and I played as a few spanking video stars played and put on a show on the bed right next to us. I was a bit annoyed he kept carelessly tossing implements almost into Lizzie's face on the bed and I think the young lady he was playing with must've said something to him because after, when I was rubbing out Lizzie's red bottom, he leaned over and gave us an impromptu creative scenario for our scene: he said I was a hip-but-bored high school principal and it was obvious (from Lizzie's pleated skirt and argyle socks, I suppose) that she was a naughty-but-horny student. He went on and on and it left both Lizzie and I in stitches we were laughing so hard! We got up, I gave Lizzie a hug and then I stopped and looked at her and said, "I look old enough to be the principal? Damn!"

Tomorrow (I hope) I'll post the remainder of my trip report!