Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story Update

About a month ago I wrote here about American Horror Story, a dark, creepy, erotic, kinky new TV show. I highly endorse it for it's weirdness and high creep factor. On the most recent episode the show took a flashback detour to explain where "Latex Man" came from, a supernatural (perhaps) character in a full body hooded latex suit. During the flashback one of the lead characters (played by Zachary Quinto) goes to a BDSM store. 

The funny thing I was watching the show with my kids (don't worry, the two watching the show with me are 24 and 21) and the BDSM store the character goes into is JT Stockroom, a store I'm very familiar with. Have you ever had one of the moments when you see a place or person you recognize on TV? You get all excited and want to let others know about it? Well, that was me. And in that moment, I almost jumped up and pointed at the screen and said, "That's JT Stockroom! I know that place!" But in a nanosecond I caught myself and kept my trap shut.

Good plan.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Teddy BDSM

I've really not got a lot to say today, but as I was trolling the internet for images for an upcoming blog post I stumbled across the following image. Amusing--a bit. But mostly, just odd. I wish I knew the provenance of such images, wondering what the original source was and why. What was the subject matter? 

Anyway, I post it now for your mild amusement. Enjoy?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kinky Thanksgiving!

I curated a few relevant photos to wish you all a very, very Happy Thanksgiving (at least those of you who live in the USA).

Once the padlock comes off that turkey is going to get stuffed!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love You Short Time

The uncanny valley is that place where some simulacrum of a human being (robot, artificial limb, animatronic, sex doll, humanistic computer animation) is realistic enough to fool the eye but also creepy enough to freak you out. 

At a recent convention I came across the following, an "emotion responsive" robotic head from Korea.

Of course, my perverted mind goes to something far worse than the uncanny valley. Now, I shared this with a good friend and she called me a pedophile for what I was thinking, but it wasn't so much about this particular eerie/emotive android as it was the idea of a lovebot in general.

This one allowed you to select emotions from an iPad (because, after all, in the future everything will be interacted with via a flat tabled touch device, right?). I decided to go for either the "sexiest" or the creepiest. 

The other day on this blog I stated one of my beliefs is that in our lifetime we will be served in our homes by robots. NOTE: I did not say serviced. I have a hard enough time keeping my internet working to download kinky porn let alone thinking about what it would take to repair a lovebot. And the idea of a malfunction with that 'droid attached to my most intimate of places? I don't think so. I'll stick to my fleshlight, thankyouverymuch.

(Some day I'll rant about teledildonics...)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lovely Art

I'm always looking for cool new things to inspire my creative team at work. While trolling around the internet for the latest inspiration, I came across the following, a beautiful and seductive piece of art. It looks loving, an intimate moment, with just the slightest tinge of submissiveness I found appealing. What do you think?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Co-blogger and occasional commenter mauigirl sent me a "Versatile Blogger Award," which was sweet. It's more of chain letter pass-it-along kind of thing, which to be honest, I don't subscribe to. But I did want to publicly acknowledge it was nice of her to send this virtual award my way.

Supposedly, the award recipient must do the following:

Here are the rules, according to pepper:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award. 

So, given I'm not into all that, I've thanked the award giver and linked back to her site, above. 

I'll share seven things about myself:

  1. I'm a foodie (if you haven't guessed if you're a regular reader)
  2. I travel a lot (again, likely not news here if you read this frequently)
  3. I used to be a semi-professional magician as a youth (thus, one of the reasons for my "Showman" nom-de-plume in my email address)
  4. I believe our future will be one in which robots will serve us, in our lifetimes.
  5. I read very, very slowly for pleasure as I tend to read super, super fast for work.
  6. I love going to the movies, almost any movie.
  7. I love to write but never have the time.
Unfortunately I won't be following along "rule" #4. I don't want to give other busy people work.

There you go, mauigirl. I didn't follow through, but I did give you a shout-out, so there you go!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love Our Lurkers 6

Bonnie began Love Our Lurkers day six years ago. Her blog, My Bottom Smarts, started asking her lurkers to come out and say "hi!" once a year and began asking other bloggers to do the same. It's amazing it's been a year since my own last LOL Day, but here we are.

Welcome Lurkers! I hope you enjoy the blog. I hope it entertains you and you get something meaningful out of it occasionally. If you're a regular, glad you're enjoying my "dark musing" here. If you're new, welcome to a kinky, slightly fucked up, sometimes insightful, definitely random and occasionally humorous kink blog. I appreciate you taking the time to check in, read up and come back. 

Hopefully either category of lurker will say hello today. Let me know what you like, what you come back for, what you hate. It's all good. No pressure! 

For everyone else, my regular reader/commenters, thank you as well for your continued support. Your visitation to this blog keeps me going. And though I occasionally run dry or et too busy to write, I appreciate you hanging in there with me.

(Logo courtesy Bonnie)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Submissive Story

She padded into the room and curled herself around his feet. He was tapping away on the computer with that look on his face that was partially frowny, partially intent. She knew not to interrupt. She also knew what he wanted. Hell, she knew what she wanted too.

She felt his warmth, felt the tough fabric of his stiff air-dried jeans against her cheek. She felt good her on the floor, her arms around his legs, waiting for his acknowledgement. Some would see this as dismissive, rude. She did not. This was how it was Meant to Be. Slowly, distractedly, he reached a hand down and caressed her thick hair, absently running his fingers through for a moment before returning his hand to tap tap tap away at the computer again. He sighed. This meant something from work caught his attention or his ire. "Hmmm," she muttered, rubbing against him like a cat.

"Did you say something?" he asked, pausing from his work to look down at her. Her eyes cast upward in adoration at his attention. 

"I was just listening to your sounds," she said. "You sighed."

"Did I?" he asked, tapping again, clicking on the touchpad between taps for random punctuation of his actions.


He tapped some more, then decisively slapped his laptop shut and gently set it aside.  "Come here," he ordered, and she jumped up in delight, facing him, climbing into his lap and straddling him in the chair. They were eye to eye, smiling in each other's eyes. "How was your day?"

"Good. I...I didn't get much done."

"Of course not," he said. "Where's the wine?"

"Right there, dummy!" she said with a silly smile in her voice. With surprise he looked at the end table next to him and saw a glass half full of blood red liquid that seemed to glow from within. 

"Oops." He glowered at her then. "What did you call me?"

"Nothing!" she said, biting her lip and burying her face in her hands in mock embarrassment. She was surprised then when she felt his fingers between her legs in front of him, pressing through the velvety fabric of her sweat pants and finding her clit and rubbing it. "Whatcha doin'?" 

"Playin'," he said, half-mocking her.

"I like it," she muttered, closing her eyes. 

"But I think a spanking is in order first."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Submission

(NOTE: I started this on Halloween night, but then I had to take a red-eye to Costa Rica for business and, well, it kinda slipped. Though I know it's late now, enjoy some Halloween fiction...)

  • red lacy bra specifically engineered to press her assets for maximum exposure
  • tiny pleated skirt so short her ass cheeks poked out from beneath, begging the mind of the viewer to think of nothing less than a Neanderthal taking
  • pink garter belts holding up pink hose
  • white "fuck-me" pumps
  • costume of unknown type other than "slut"
  • polo shirt with "EAST" on chest, blue and red
  • baseball cap in similar
  • jeans
  • costume obscurely significant only to those hardcore fans of "Friday Night Lights"
  • mildly decorated Halloween party living room, bulbs replaced in Crate & Barrel fixtures with red and green
  • "spooky" spider webs
  • bubbling cauldron of punch of unknown alcoholic content
East sees Slut enter room from kitchen. He is immediately taken by her bra. Actually, he's really taken by her breasts. Her bra is superficial to the intent. She sees him. Costume appears lame but his well sculpted chest and arms convey the necessary information.


  • Horny
  • Eager to play
  • Feeling sassy
  • Looking for action
  • Palm itching for a spanking
  • Ready to be aggressive
They make eye contact and approach. "I've been bad," Slut says. 

"I know," East replies. There's a smile. Knowing. A passing of understanding between the two. She shrugs. It's playful. He lashes out, grabs her wrists. She bites her lip. Draws blood. It's unexpected.

"Ouch," she mutters. Her eyes smile. Devilish.

"Come with me," East says, pulling her away, away, away.

"I hope so," Slut replies.