Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creepyweird #1 in a Series: Urine Soaked Virgin Boy Eggs

There's creepy and there's weird and then there's creepyweird. Creepyweird doesn't happen all that often. In fact, I've never posted about creepweird before, but for me it's definitely a thing. Here's the latest in the rarefied air I like to call creepyweird. 

Take a look at this shit (from China): Urine Soaked Virgin Boy Eggs!

Rarely has my gag reflex been put into hyperdrive like when I read this story. (Click on image for full article, not from some obscure fringe publication but MSNBC no less.) Under what circumstance, ever, would getting little boys to pee in buckets to "pickle" eggs for human consumption ever be considered a good idea--even when old wive's tales were at the height of lunatic fashion? Ack!

I eagerly await comments from my readers on this particular post.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cosmo Thinks Spanking is Bondage. WTF???

Women's magazine Cosmopolitan is always doing something mildly titillating (12 Ways to Fillate Your Lover, Make Him Hot With Your Elbows, 87 Eye Batting Motions That Will Make Him Want To Give You Diamonds) to get readers and sell issues at Safeway. In this month's issue there's one of their ubiquitous tests. This one is to "know if your guy is kinky" or something like that. 

Read these inane questions:

63% of guys participate in "bondage." But "bondage" is "spanking"??? Since when is spanking bondage? And since when is "taking orders" bondage??? Is this what the vanilla public is going on in the leather-covered dungeons around town or in "those noisy bedrooms" down the hall in the apartment building? 

Silly Cosmo. I think they'd sell more issues if they did a real story on BDSM. We already know that scary black hooded men in latex bodysuits (see my post "Mainstream Kink" about hit show American Gothic is what's truly titillating the public these days.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nerdy & Kinky

I'm still completely crazed with my work schedule overseas, but I didn't want anyone to think I'd forgotten the blog. So thanks to reader A'marie I'm pleased to present to you this t-shirt design, which appeals to me for being simultaneously nerdy and kinky. Enjoy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Review: Late Bloomer

Let me start off by saying this: I'm a slow reader. I read a lot for work and I have to cram a lot of reading in when I do, so I read fast. When I get to read for pleasure I want to enjoy it, not rush it, so I read much slower. This is compounded by the fact I don't have much time to read. I work about 10 hours a day when I'm not traveling, plus a commute of more than an hour each way, so after that 12 hour day is done and dinner is over I'm generally so fried I don't feel like doing much more than popping open the laptop to catch up on the 100+ emails I get at work each day and veg out in front of the telly. So when I do get around to reading it's usually when I'm traveling and generally when I'm on a plane. So I have a huge queue of books to read on my Kindle and I usually only get through a few books a year. Not a voracious reader, I suppose. 

All this preamble is an excuse to say I probably should have written a review of Late Bloomer a lot sooner, since Erica Scott's autobiography came out in late August/early September, but I only finished the tome on the plane flying from Amsterdam to Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

So, as the high school drama teacher pompously said on stage before introducing his production of Death of a Salesman, without further ado...

Book Review: Late Bloomer by Erica Scott

Erica writes a poignant tale of her life in Late Bloomer that is at times heart-wrenching, unnerving, annoying, poignant and hilarious--occasionally all at the same time. Though her travails are likely similar to many others out there it is with the forthright nature of her writing style and casual self-awareness that makes it fresh. For such a self-proclaimed social introvert (maybe those aren't her words exactly) she tells her tale with a great deal of aplomb. 

Her story is one of self-discovery and that tale is certainly a universal one. We've all felt like outcasts, downtrodden and put-upon. But Erica's life goes from one terrible life experience to another, from family drama (and melodrama) to personal crisis. In the end, her blossoming as an adult, as an awake member of society (I know how that sounds and I actually mean it the way it sounds) and ultimately, as a spanko takes this from a woe-is-me generic tale of self-discovery to a highly fascinating, utterly interesting tale of self-discovery.

Late Bloomer, though about a woman discovering her kink after decades just getting by in life, is really a mainstream story about awareness, empowerment and in many ways feminine power. Through her discovery as a spanko (and I wish I could recall if she used the word masochist) she discovered herself, her self-esteem and awakened a piece of herself that fed her desire for attention--almost all in one fell swoop. (And, I'm pleased to mention, she does refer to Yours Truly in the book--a pleasant surprise I'd not known about until reading it with heady astonishment.)

Late Bloomer starts sad and ends happy. What more can a reader want? But through it all the book is a page-turner via Erica's self-deprecating charm, witty and snarky asides and often hilarious anecdotes. The book is certainly bittersweet, but leans much more on sweet than bitter (though dear Erica can be quite caustic at times). If you're reading this review here on Dark Musing then you're already likely kinky (or at least kink interested) and I needn't add a disclosure on Erica's BDSM and spanking experiences, but even if you were vanilla her tale sucks all but the most puritan in to her open and frank disclosures of her spanking inclinations. By the end, you're rooting for Erica to succeed. Actually, it's more than that and simultaneously simpler than that: you want Erica to live.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Out of it.

My travel schedule has been quite hectic. In January I went to NYC and then onto London. While in London I found out I had to go to the United Arab Emirates before flying home, turning a 10 day trip into a 15 day one.

Home for about 10 days I then went back to London for a week, heading back to Los Angeles for only 4 1/2 days! While at home I was completely stressed out with family stuff, getting ready to leave again for over a month, taking care of errands and chores and making sure I hadn't dropped too many balls at work.

I then got back on a plane to London (again!) for the month of March and after a terrible series of events getting there (flight cancelled, stuck at JFK overnight, downgraded, entertainment system broken, luggage didn't make the rebooked flight...) I landed at Heathrow to a discover an email and text telling me in 72 hours I was fly again to Asia.

So today I've repacked my bag to head off to Asia for a 70 hour jaunt. I'll be on the ground for only 40 hours then back on a plane to London again where I hope I'll remain until the end of my trip here.

All this is nothing more than a long-winded excuse as to why I have been rather quiet lately on the blog. I'm not gone. It's not forgotten. I'm just a bit overwhelmed at the moment...