Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lego BDSM Dungeon

You know...for kids!

Friday, May 25, 2012

For Your Protection

Ladies, ladies, ladies...

I realize some men like a lady who's, uh, as they say, " back." And I can imagine a truly desperate bottom/sub with an overzealous or extra-harsh dom/top looking for a little added "protection." I even can envision a lady going to her first play party like Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Florida Moonshine's Tropical Beach Party or Shadow Lane, uncertain of what to expect, considering something along these lines for some padding as a contingency plan.

But ladies (shaking head...) this is ridiculous:

Available wherever crazy bullshit is sold.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

How desperate must you be to settle for something like this? I've never understood self-flagellation. There are many examples of this in the kink community. There are spanking machines, some of which show up at spanking parties every now and then. There are long distance D/s relationships in which the top "punishes" the bottom and "forces" the bottom to spank him or herself. I've heard of much more extreme and strange examples, and that doesn't even include religious flagellation which is a totally different (and altogether weird) scene. 

So who gets off spanking themselves? How does that even work? And any bottom I know who've been subjected to that spanking contraption tell me it's not pleasant, enjoyable or fun. So what is the point? Am I missing something?

If any of you Kinky Friends can lend some insight into this, I'd be much appreciated. In the mean time, I think I'll stick to a hand and implements.

Below, a brief collection of spanking "machines"...

Here's an interesting way to get a spanking.

There is a whole subgenre of porn that's all machine-based fucking and spanking. Another thing that makes no sense to me.

An automated switch. This one is fascinating. It requires the receiver to pedal, a sort of paradox play in and of itself. (I particularly like the little bit of blood in this particular illustration. Nice touch.)

This is a classic. Note the blindfold. Discuss.

Even with all that technology you still need leather belts to hold your bottom in place?

Another interesting switch machine.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kink found on Pinterest

And who said it's just for food & design?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amazon Doesn't Lie

Okay, I guess I can't blame Amazon for their Recommendation algorithms, but this came up when I was searching "My Amazon Prime." I don't have a kink Amazon account and a vanilla one, so I'm glad I wasn't searching for something with a co-worker or one of my kids looking over my shoulder. is a fairly accurate snapshot of what I'm into...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spanking Robots Come to Japan

Click caption for video of delightful robotic clenching.
Okay, it's not a spanking robot per-se, but what a great headline, huh? The Japanese have been known to do a lot of crazy shit, particularly as it relates to uncanny robotics. Most of you regular readers, my Kinky Friends, know I'm a bit of a geek and love the weird kinky stuff, particularly when scifi and geekitude can come into play. Hell, I've blogged about kinky steampunk dildos, teledildonics (twice!) and robotic love dolls. But this beats them all.

The Japanese have developed a robotic butt. Without any apparent academic explanation (at least not in English). It's called Shiri, which is one of those obtuse acronyms you gotta snortle about. It stands for Buttocks Humanoid that Represents Emotions with Visual and Tactile Transformation of the Muscles (which seems more like BHREVTTM to me, but there you go). And just in case I might have missed something, I translated the acronym into Japanese and then back again, thinking it would come out with letters that spelled Shiri, but it came out as:

English to Japanese:


And back to English again:

Ass humanoid represents a visual and tactile and emotionaltransformation of muscle

Close. But no Shiri.


Shiri tightens and relaxes to convey human emotion. Again...why???

But, as always, it got me thinking...if you can't get a girl OTK or if you need some practice, why not have your own Shiri at home? Toss that robotic bum across your lap and have at it. It can clench and relax--just like a real girl! You can pop in a CD of some whining brat into the ole' home stereo for realism if you'd like, too. And in the end, when it's all said an done, the built-in Figging Port comes in handy for some much-needed release at the end of your ersatz spanking session.

Now when will these be available on Amazon?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hilarious Shades...

A week or so ago I blogged about Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, last week Saturday Night Live had the good taste to lampoon it. Check it out. Pretty damn funny. (Click image for video.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Erotic Humiliation

I don't remember where or when I first heard the term "erotic humiliation" but I got it instantly. Certainly, it was after getting into the lifestyle. Certainly it was after hearing Erica's stories about how John would make her take off her clothes and ride in a car or go fetch things and Erica talking about how it turned her on. This utterly fascinated me. I didn't have such inclinations toward public sex or the potential of getting caught.

I remember we had neighbors who, while in their 20s, talked of fucking behind the sofa while their parents sat on it and watched tv. They also fucked on the washing machine while their parents made dinner and loved it. The idea of this to me does nothing good for me. Even young I would imagine such distractions would keep me from a proper erection. Nonetheless, I get the idea of it. Certainly there are enough fans of public sex (which, I realize, is exhibitionism and not erotic humiliation) that there's an entire sub-genre of the stuff in mainstream porn.

I read as much about it on FetLife and elsewhere on the web I could, collecting ideas and stories and getting into the mindset of it. I discovered on Extreme Restraints a remote controlled insertable egg. This was used for my first erotic humiliation scene. At dinner, at a nice restaurant with white linens, the egg and instructions in an envelope were handed to my dinner date and I told her to take the envelope to the restroom and the envelope opened, the note read and the instructions followed. A few minutes later she returned, a surprised and quizzical look on her face. I turned the egg on from the remote in my sportcoat pocket. It did the trick. The instructions told her to remain calm and not let anyone else know what was happened. She neared orgasm and I turned it off. Repeated.

The control and the power exchange and the notion of her getting caught turned me on. My creative and imaginative mind wandered to new ideas. Next up: nipple clamps handed over with instructions at a group lunch with the rote "go to the bathroom" instructions. The note said to apply the nipple clamps and return. 

I've used or considered anal plugs in public, hallway nude ice machine runs at hotels, public under skirt photography of genitalia, public spankings and more. 

But here's the thing: though I find it exciting and I love it, I'm not the recipient. Not that I want to be! My point is that though I enjoy erotic humiliation, I don't understand exactly what is behind it. I get the thrill of discovery. I understand the idea of being made to do something you wouldn't normally be willing to do. But what else is there to it? What's going on inside the recipient's head? Or is that it? I'd love to hear your thoughts if you're interested to share, even anonymously.