Sunday, July 29, 2012

50 Shades of Arabic

So for the last few days I've been back in the Middle East, so no access to any kink (or porn, for that matter). So after flying for about 19 hours (excluding a four hour layover in Amsterdam) I land in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I exit the plane, heading out into the terminal to go to passport control, and pass by the newsstand. And what do I see? Copies of all the 50 Shades books--in English and Arabic! I wanted to snap a pic of this but my desire to get the hell out of the airport and to the hotel was greater than providing multimedia for my blog. 

I find it ironic that in a culture that won't allow me access to author my own blog because of "adult content" they can sell this trashy "hausfrau kink" on their own soil--and in their native language to boot!

I'll say an overstatement sure to irritate some, but it's always the most religious that are the biggest hypocrites. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Amazon. Again.

Once again, has me pegged. I am often amused beyond reason when I see what the shopping site wants to offer me. I've had this happen before. In this case, I have an excuse. It's a friend's birthday and through some careful sorting and shopping I was hoping the perfect item(s) would be discovered. You can see my shopping preferences in this case...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Funishment, Punishment & GP

I was talking with Lizzie the other day about punishment (likely she was in trouble at the time) and we were commiserating about a scene we had had in which I had decided to punish her for misbehaving with a rather brutal and intense session. This, she informed me, didn't truly do the job because, well, she enjoyed it far to much.

As I've described in talking about scenes in the past, I'll use real-life incidents as a reason to enact a punishment--to get in the head of the person I'm playing with. Often, these scenes will be about "punishing" that person for whatever it was they did wrong. I've found using real stuff is better than role-playing. The impact mentally is far better. 

But given Lizzie's strong predilection to appreciate pain, a legitimate punishment for a genuine wrongdoing doesn't really deliver the goods, so to speak. So I've come up with three categories: Funishment, Punishment and GP, which stands for Genuine Punishment.

A Funishment is just that--a fun punishment. This can be a playful scene of OTK or spanking or even some light BDSM and there can be some element of roleplay to the scene, but it's really just a frivolous thing.

A Punishment really is what was described above--getting in the head of the person I'm playing with to exact a more intense, cathartic scene where it's not just about the pain but also about the headspace.

Then there's a Genuine Punishment. Back to Lizzie's point about "enjoying it too much to be a punishment" this became an important category when we began a phase in our relationship in which cause and effect, consequences and discipline became an integral component. How do you punish when the punishee is a masochist? This is where things like corner time come into play. Not painful and not fun. Or kneeling on a hardwood floor on uncooked rice. Not a Funishment, not a Punishment--a Genuine Punishment. 

The differences become clear really quickly and a quick thread of a dreaded "GP" can result in some rather swift attitude adjustments. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lunch (?!) with Erica

I did not take this picture at lunch.
It was wonderful, Erica and I had a chance to get together for lunch and catch up--or so I thought. No, this is not the coy start to a spanking story (unfortunately!). We'd emailed back and forth about current events in each other's lives and we agreed it was damn time to find out what we were up to. 

So she came out to my office and we drove to lunch. Or so I thought. We got in the car and I suggested the same place we went to eat twice before--I know Erica's a creature of habit and likes the familiar. So when I suggested the place, I was surprised when Erica said, "Eh, we've been there before. Let's go to Yogurtland." "For lunch?" I asked, sputtering, like she suggested we go get a bowl of steaming dog poop. "Sure," she said, bubbly. There was a Yogurtland nearby, so we drove there. As we got close, we passed a Market City Cafe. "Oh look! Market City Cafe! I love them!" Ah, I thought, we'll get some real lunch! 

"Yes," I replied, "it's right across the street from Yogurtland. See?" Erica saw the Yogurtland. "Oh, good! There it is. So we don't have to go to Market City Cafe!" Ugh. So we parked. I obliged her penchant for frozen yogurt (or, as my kids say, froyo). We talked. We laughed. We eye-rolled. And we caught up.

It was a wonderful lunch and was a great opportunity to reconnect. But...frozen yogurt for lunch? Really, Erica???

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You'll Get What You Deserve

I went to see Ted last night, a film by Family Guy creator, star, writer and director Seth MacFarlane. This hilariously raunchy comedy is about a boy who wishes his Christmas teddy bear comes to life--and he does. The movie takes place 30 years later when boy is a man and bear is...well...a trash-talking, pot smoking grown-up bear.

Needless to say, a woman gets in the way and two come to loggerheads. The film is hilarious, but with heart. In one impossible-to-imagine scene (and this is a bit a spoiler!) the bear and the man have an all out knock down, drag out fight. When the bear bests the man (again, hard to believe, but it happens), said man (Mark Wahlberg) in face down on the floor with a broken television beside him. The bear breaks off the antenna of the old tube tv and pulls down Mr. Wahlberg's pants and whips his ass with the antenna, leaving red lashings across his bottom!

We often talk on kink blogs about BDSM in the mainstream. Does this count?

Sunday, July 1, 2012