Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poly for All

I was flying through Salt Lake City on a layover this week when I nearly stumbled when I saw this t-shirt in an airport souvenir shop.

I laughed at first. Seemed kinky. But then I thought about it. Sure, it's a laugh, but if I was Mormon I wouldn't think this was very funny. And if I was a girl, I'm not sure this is something I'd want on my chest. What's it say about the girl, even if joking? If it's a guy? Okay...I guess. Certainly a single guy. Not a married one. So...I'm not sure who this shirt is for.

If it said "I've tried Poly" I'd think that was funny and fun (though I still wouldn't wear it). So a shirt that should appeal to me (both for my lifestyle and my sense of humor) but this one just doesn't. What about you?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strange Kinks

I am constantly fascinated when I discover new kinks that mystify, squick or raise my curiosity. I start by asking myself what about that thing seemed so interesting, gross or whatever. I want to understand what triggers that curiosity.

Case in point: 

The Panda Inn in China, for lovers of cute, kawaii any-and-all-things panda. I know, you're thinking, "C'mon, it's Asia where cute things are delightful and innocent. Grown women dress as Hello Kitty." Sure, you're right. Until you discover this image in their marketing propaganda:

Or this:

I don't know what goes on at the Panda Hotel, but that definitely costs extra.

I can't tell if it's just an innocent thing, a furry thing or, uh, a panda thing but I found the Panda Hotel utterly fascinating. Do I want to stay in a panda themed hotel and, erm, possibly get it on with a furry? Nope. But I'm curious about those who do and what goes on behind those key-carded rooms.

You can read (in English) about the Panda Inn on the ever-so-slightly snarky Thrillist here.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rolling Stone on Poly & More

The current issue of Rolling Stone features an interesting article on millennials and their sexual "alternative lifestyles." This ranges from general college-age promiscuous sex to poly. It's a smart read and the first of two-parter. Enjoy.